George Pickens to enter the draft

I’d be happy with him in Detroit.


Yeah me too


Ryan Hurst has some provocative WR rankings in his top 5.

I really like his fit as a complement to St. Brown but the more research I’ve done it sounds like he has maturity issues during his first two years and had your typical wr diva tendencies. That doesn’t seem like he would fit the culture DC and BH are going for. I hope he has grown up (and he may have, returning in less than a year takes a lot of discipline and dedication) cause he has the talent to be a steal in this draft.

I don’t know who this Ryan Hurst guy is, but he got some clicks from me. And I want my clicks back.

He has Chris Olave and Treylon Burks as his #8 and 9 WR prospects in 2022. I think he’s cra-cra…


He’s just trying to get clicks. It’s a silly list. His David Bell ranking is also absurd.

Thanks to the ESPN-ization of sports media, the overarching trend for talentless hacks is the Clicks for Dicks strategy.

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Regardless of the rankings, this is a good thing for us. Its a big position of need for us and deeper is better. (That’s what she said).


And ESPN is just following a larger trend across the spectrum of all media.

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I wonder how far under the radar PIckens will be come draft day.

I think there are going to be some good WR prospects available into the 2nd and 3rd rounds this year. I’m curious to see if Holmes continues to go the value route and not draft one early. I think it did come out that if Sewell was picked he was ready to take one of the Alabama WR’s so maybe he is looking for an elite type.

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Then don’t read them. You are completely free to do your own research on every topic.

Wonder if he’s related to either CB Bruce Pickens or WR Carl Pickens.

I agree and having another big WR option is good.

However I would not take Pickens too early. He’s coming off an ACL injury and I’d rather shy away to be honest.


HSV, our resident Ohio State scout, probably has Olave lower.

He’s my number 6 if Pickens is healthy. Number 5 if he’s not.

Regardless of whether you like him or not, the quality of this wr class is great

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I think its pretty deep too at the top. Lots of choices and different styles of wideouts as well

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It feels like not going WR at 27 is a mistake, value wise.

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