Gibbs = Marshall Faulk?

How sweet would that be…


I didn’t have Faulk as a comp for him (and still don’t, at least not stylistically), but when he was drafted I said his usage would be a lot like Rams Faulk, and I still think that’s the case. A true RB/WR combo.


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I was surprised after the draft how physically comparable they are. I always thought Faulk was a bigger back


Their measurables are similar but Gibbs is a leaner, longer type while Faulk had the junk in the trunk. Gibbs is a strider while Faulk is a stepper. Watching the two of them, you wouldn’t think they were very similar. But what they can do on a football field is very similar, and they’re roughly the same height/weight/speed, even if it’s proportioned a little differently.


Holmes was pretty careful how he compared them in the interview. Wasn’t like he said Gibbs was the next Faulk or anything like that.


They’re both do-it-all guys - run, catch (and not only out of the backfield), and passpro. Faulk was better than Gibbs is now at maneuvering in tight spaces. Gibbs has better top-end speed. Faulk was seen as a very cerebral player. I dunno how Gibbs is regarded in re football IQ. Both have/had very good vision and great acceleration, which is the key.

Gibbs’ prowess as a receiver is getting more attention coming out of college than Faulk got, but that’s probably a function of how the NFL game as evolved and the ‘controversy’ over Gibbs’ high selection.


For sure, also a function of how the college game has changed to utilize backs in the passing game. In Faulk’s era it really wasn’t much of a thing.


Gibbs is 5’9" and 199 lbs.

Faulk 5’10" and 206

Gibbs is anything but long & lean. He’s low and fast. Faulk got chunky as his career went on but he was pretty lean/fast when he came into the league.

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In Faulk’s final season in college he caught 47 passes for 640 yards. That’s more catches and more yards than Gibbs or Bijan Robinson ever had in a season. Its also 2 more catches and 5 less yards than Christian McAffrey had in his best season at Stanford.


Gibbs played against the highest college competition available, Faulk did not.

I expect Gibbs to be a star, but I don’t expect him to be a HOFer. I just want wins.


Where are we going with this?

The super bowl of course!


Apples, oranges. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Gibbs had 44 receptions (most on the team). Faulk had 30 less catches than the #1 WR on that team. I was stationed in San Diego then and watched him a couple of times. You could tell he was an NFL caliber playing against much lower level of competition.

I disagree. Gibbs is a leggy runner. Maybe it’s as simple as him having a higher waist and longer legs on a similarly sized frame, but watching the two run they look very different.

I stand corrected

Do you have her number to share!? She sounds hot.

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Quite possibly. Tough for RBs to get hof because of longevity, these days. If he could be healthy for 8-10 years, behind the OLs Holmes puts together, he would have a chance.

Gibbs is a cross between a Marcus Allen, and a Chris Johnson.

It wouldn’t shock me if he ended up somewhere in the middle of those two in stats and achievements.