Give Chris Jones a blank check

Dear Brad Holmes,

Look, I get it. You’ve been very successful thus far. We are very thankful for you being here and we are very thankful for what you’ve done for us.

Give that man a damn blank check. I don’t give a shit about playing moneyball. The odds of getting a guy like him in the draft are slim and none. Just give him his money. You can make it work.

The Chiefs absolutely do not win this game without Jones.


Game wrecker

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I mean at one point in time he was in the draft. It just doesnt fit the model they want to run, its working, why ask them to change it now? You do not typically see the stable pillars of the NFL chase big ticket stars. Every team a couple of big ticket players. Chiefs have Mahomes, jones and kelce. They let hill walk and Jones is most likely leaving as well. We got Goff, sewell and St Brown amd that is just to start. I say let Brad Cook.

Jones is disgusting though…i get it.


I felt this way even before this game. It’s Jones and Crosby for me. Do whatever necessary to get one of them and it’s a successful offseason for me personally. Sign your own FAs that you want, let Brad cook in the draft, sign Jones - then run it back. Home run and a top 5 Super Bowl contender.


I’d take Mack on a reworked deal too. Or Burns. Or Josh Allen. Or Sign Jajuan Johnson and draft an edge or DT at 29. You sure as heck dont find a #1CB at pick 29…

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Don’t forget Hunter


Because I want to win a Super Bowl, and signing Chris Jones doesn’t prevent them from still building from within.

Christain McCaffery and Trent Williams were both acquired through trade. There was a time when these same Chiefs signed Tyrann Mathieu while Mahomes was on his rookie deal. They also brought in 3 of their starting offensive lineman through free agency. I’d argue the Bills are a stable pillar of the NFL right now, and they’ve acquired both Stefon Diggs and Von Miller externally. The Eagles have a boatload of guys that have come through trade/free agency. Baltimore traded for Roquan Smith and signed Odell Beckham. Sure the Steelers don’t really do this but they’re stuck in 9-8/10-7 purgatory.

You don’t have to bring in a Chris Jones when you already have one on your team. We don’t have one on our team. What are the odds that we’re going to get one? Brad’s awesome, but his IDL picks so far have been Levi Onwuzurike, Alim McNeill, Josh Paschal if he counts, and Brodric Martin. None of those guys are on the level of Chris Jones.


how is he on punt coverage?

Lions should have signed suh. He is a sb lucky charm.

All great points!

However I get the inclination that Chris Jones wants to run it back, and that the Chiefs will pay him.

J Taylor and Thuney hit the cap hard in 24’, but the Chiefs have room despite that, and both have outs in 25’- big outs!

They can pay Jones and fill a few spots, and still sign the draft class quite easily.

I would be RT, WR, DE, OG could a draft that reloads them pretty quick.

It’s not just about letting him cook, it’s about “windows”. We have 2 years before Goff, ASB, Alim, Sewell, and Hutch each cost over 15M-50M

Right now we have Ragnow, Decker and Goff- at 15, 19, and 31M. We have room to fit in 1-2 big contracts over next TWO years, and then the core group will account for the bulk of the big hits.

Comish- 6.7M (redo save 3.5M)
Walker- 12.5M (redo save 4.5M)

  • if cut or heavily restructured these two could EASILY pay for year one of Sneed or Kendall Fuller contract and suddenly we have a CB1.
  • consider the remnants of Romeo, Big V, Harris etc come off the books after 24’ so that space would cover Fuller or whoever in 25’- and thus his cap hits are able to be maneuvered if we choose.

I would be interested in…

Hunter, Mack, Autry in that order…. I think the first 2 are still prime players, insane competitors, and we could fit big money into a 2 year window that fits their age…. Mack might require a pick swap (3rd for 5th) and a 2 year extension?

Autry fits our model perfectly, it less impact. He could bring familiarity to the new coach, and his 7-10 sacks would be quite welcome.

I just think Hunter/Mack and Fuller immediately make this a top 10 defense if we add 1-2 pieces in the draft and get Houston back.

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Here’s a good way to look at at. Which team player would you NOT extend to get him?

Someone else? It would have to be someone deserving a big salary.

I am optimistic we could keep our pieces but every big signing comes at a cost.

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Honestly if holmes is worth a shit you just let all of them walk and easily replace them in the draft.

Alim. It’s nothing personal, but he’s the worst player on that list and Chris Jones plays the same position he does.

I don’t think I’d give Holmes shit for drafting Alim McNeil just because he isn’t the best DT in the world. Alim is a homerun pick for a 3rd rounder and I wouldn’t sleep on his potential, he improved a ton this season. Definitely a top 10 DT bordering on top 5 tbh.

Holmes isn’t going to give a huge long term contract to anybody from outside the organization, I just can’t see it. I don’t disagree with some of your points but that’s not how Holmes does business and he seems like a man with a very strong belief in his plan and sticking to it.


I want us to sign him and I think we should sign him. I don’t think we’ll sign him.

I think we need to let CJGJ walk and go after a guy like Sneed. Chris Jones sure, but I bet the Chiefs end up keeping him, he’s their 2nd most valuable player.

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L’Jarius Sneed would be terrible here. We don’t get to get away with holding like KC does.

Possibly would suck outside of that system with AG, I could see it. I can’t see letting Chris Jones go though, I would get rid of Kelce before I let that happen.