Give Chris Jones a blank check

Name one who is ?

Everyone keeps talking about D line an this over pay Jones. The stat facts don’t say we need a Jones player on D . Not when you are top 4 in rush D an same for QB pressure. What we need on the DL is rush end to prevent double teams an allow us to rush 4 most of time. We also need a coupe of CB’s at least one. For the Jones people we don’t need to piss away cap space on something we don’t need. We can improve the Dline inside depth in draft or late signing cheap vet in FA.

Take the 25 mil Jones wants an get a quality CB an Edge rusher. Fill rest of D in draft.

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No kidding. And he’s 23. 23!

Sacks aren’t everything, but… Jones had 8.5 sacks in his first two seasons combined. 15.5 in his 3rd. Alim had 3 in his first two seasons, then 5 in only 13.


Don’t sleep on Onwuzurike. Or Houston.

Obv big Qs w/both, but also legit reason to hope. LO made it thru the season healthy, will be able to go all out in the offseason for the first time and sounds VERY motivated. Houston has a chance to secure that spot opposite Hutch if the Lions don’t throw a lot of money over there. And of course BroMart could be ripe to make a move in terms of a rotation spot.

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Yup. That’s a move that says we are coming for Patrick’s Lombardi. Jones is a game wrecker. Mahomes gets all the love but KC does not win without jones. 1 year, 25M. Longer term on a CB1. Hit the draft. Win Super Bowl.

Alim isnt a top 10 DT. Were getting a little high on our own supply there. Top 20? Probably.

Jones is a size and speed outlier at his position. Total freak absolute game wrecker/guy you have to commit extra resources to or he will collapse your plan.

We dont have anyone like that on this defense at any position, and tbh, most SB winning teams have one or two.

We got a couple few on O. Need 1 or 2 on D. Hutch isnt that guy yet, but he is close. Top 8-15.

There are all kinds of cap shenanigans to play if they feel it is Hamilton time…

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Chris Jones collapsed the pocket and applied pressure with a motor in the Super Bowl.

He is getting old, but he is the only DT all year that did what a DT doing.

If there is a guy in front of you? Beat him. Push the pocket.

Do soemthing other than stand there at a stalemate and play patty cake with the OL. And honestly, that is what most DT do.

This is why stunts and twists are important. Instead of players sitting on blocks in a standards rush…they get moving and create angles to the QB. However, that is not always possible and Chris Jones showed he is the best DT in the NFL and figures a way to effect the QB.

I am digusted with the DT play in the NFL, as far as a pass rush. Most just sit on blocks and its looks like they’re 2-gapping.

Maybe they are with these mobile QBs?

No issue for Chris Jones…he does it all. He is better than Aaron Donald.

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He may have been better than Donald in 2023, but Donald is arguably the best defensive player ever.

Do we really want he guy who cant control his… package … lol

Haha how have I never seen that before.

The comments on the youtube video are hilarious…gems like this one.

“Wow. The only defensive lineman to ever end their 40 yard dash with a sack”


“My dick fell out” bro what

I can see it both ways, but I don’t see it happening. Not this team’s style. However, we did sign several FAs last off-season, but none of them really worked out because of injuries. Holmes isn’t going to break the bank for one player, and while I understand the sentiment behind wanting him to, I don’t think he should. Most of us would be happy to go all in on one season like the Rams did and “buy” a Superbowl, because we have been starved for so long, but Lions administration is trying to build a long term winner.