Goff can’t read defense according to Mcvay

Stafford is a great book reader. I don’t agree with mcvay , Goff is a football guy since he was born, his family is football oriented


I always felt Stafford left stuff on the table too often because of not seeing it.

And it always seemed the Lions’ audibles at the line never amounted to much. Isn’t that Stafford seeing a defense and changing the call?

And the thing McVay is citing – how great Stafford is at the ends of halfs, ends of games and 2-minute drills, I think that success came from the OPPOSITE of reading defenses. When he’s out there just balling with his physical abilities because he has to act quickly and react quickly.


One of the more one sided articles I’ve seen…feels like it was written by some Mcvay slappy. I’ll be honest I love Stafford but with the way the media has been about him I hope he fails miserably.

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Changing the audible when mentioned by mcvay was puzzling to me , may be his fiancé was doing the scouting

Let’s just take Fields then


Or should we wait next year ? Next year we will be picking # 1 overall , the best quarterback in America

My point all along in this QB swap has been that folks forget that most young QBs need great teaching all along. ot just year one bit all the way through. Look at Peyton Manning’s career. High turnovers to start then he had to learn how to beat the Patriots.

For all the talk about Billy B. in New England he brought Brady along slowly before making him the man there. Stafford was a lot like Goff. The keys were given to them early. But Goff, just like Matt, needs serious coaching. ALL QBs do. I don’t think McVay knows how to teach these skills to a QB. Look at all the QB coaches he gave Goff. What 5+ QB coaches in that stretch? That is how NOT to do it. McVay has a great offense, he had a great RB but in the end he wasn’t the kind of coach Goff needed.

In fact, I McVay was Stafford’s coach instead of Schwartz (for example) McVay would say the same exact thing about 2012 and 2013 Matt he is hinting at 2020 and 2021 Goff. These are skills that need to be developed.

In 2021 Matt he gets a polished guy who gets the game. His mind is sharp as hell. But his body is starting to go. That is the trade off. By the time the mind catches up the body starts to go in some cases. The Rams are gambling that Matt can keep health and ability in balance for them. I wish them luck and I am VERY excited to have a QB like Goff here now.


Rams fans were unhappy with Goff being turnover prone in year 4/5. Wonder how they will feel about the turnovers/pick 6’s Matt has a habit of making when he forces the issue or decides his arm strength will beat the coverage.

The biggest knock I’ve had over Matt’s career is he always made mistakes as if he was in year 2/3 still.

He definitely can read a defense, but the defenses definitely read him too.

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This isn’t just about “decision making” or turnovers. Goff has struggled with pre and post snap adjustments. He doesn’t get through his progressions. Goff has a really nice arm, but even in college he had no responsibility in the offense. The cerebral and processing part of the game is something that the rams and Mcvay hoped he’d develop but he hasn’t. When the rams offense was loaded and could assert their will in the run game it mattered less. But after Gurleys injury and some pieces moving on / o-line aging and injuries, they needed a QB who could control the offense, make adjustments and take advantage of looks at the snap. Goff struggled mightily the last couple years. And so they looked to get a higher caliber QB who could do this.


Sounds just like Matt Stafford in year 4.

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Stafford in LA is going to be fascinating.

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I wonder how much of an opportunity to “read defenses” Goff had when McVay was in his ear every single play.


A good article/video explaining Goff’s issues. His hesitations and misreads. Its hard to blame what was pointed out here on McVay.


He was in his ear because he wasn’t trusted to do it. Because he couldn’t. It’s amazing how many people on this board think Mcvay was the issue their offense “struggled” the last 2 years. Not that is ever just one thing… but Mcvay is a top coach in the nfl…hes an incredible offensive coach and a great communicator. He’s also constantly found great assistants that are getting poached every year.

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Stafford really is a perfect fit for that offense. If they stay healthy they will be extremely tough to stop. The NFC west is loaded though. That fight for the division is going to be a great watch

They lost their DC too. I’m definitely adopting the Rams once the Lions stink it up long enough next year.

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I wondered because we heard so much about how Matt could make adjustments and audibles yet never saw analyzed how often he did that -
Did he audible to runs that were stuffed ?

We never really heard on this
Yet lions offense seemed kinda inconsistent over the era


Rams offense has not been up to the level of “great” since Todd Gurley had a healthy knee, Brandin Cooks had 1 less significant concussion, the Oline still had John Sullivan & Roger Saffold, and Matt LaFleur was the QB coach.

IMO… 2018 was as much about the “Jimmy’s and Joe’s” as it was the X’s and O’s.

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Career numbers

completion 63.4% vs 62.6%
ypa 7.5 vs 7.2
TD/INT ratio 1.95 vs 1.96
QB rating 91.5 vs 89.9

Basically, you are looking at the same stats. To consider Stafford a god and Goff a turd for putting up the same stats is just crazy.

I consider Stafford getting out of Detroit and Goff getting out of LA a win-win for both players and both teams getting a new QB. Fresh start for both. An even up trade would have been a slight edge to the Rams because of salary concern and Stafford being slightly better than Goff. You more than cancel that out with the 1st next year. When you add in the 3rd this year and the 2023 first, this was a slam dunk win for Detroit.

The reality is that Stafford isn’t as good as many here make him out to be as well as Goff isn’t as bad.