Goff deep ball

Not a Mark Twain fan I guess

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Need a healthy… and usually taller guy w/ good catch radius…
that has a good rapport with Goff.

We haven’t had that guy available much in past 2 years.

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Drunk Beach GIF

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Why blame anyone? They don’t give a ■■■■ about who anyone blames. They played a better team and played them well. The Lions weren’t expected to do anything this this year, anyway.


Why is that a excuse? Oh they are better team, so you cant blame no one.

McVay also said Wolford was the guy - he got hurt in that playoff game and Jared won it with no snaps that week. The McVay narrative is the McVay narrative …

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He’s in his 30s and already has a coaching tree. He’s been to 2 Superbowls and has one Lombardi trophy… but sure… he’s a tool.

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So true. Healthy attitude…those players are not pointing fingers…just looking at how to win next week…and I’d like to add…
I almost feel sorry for our next opponent.
-We’ll be healthier
-JaMoss watch?
-Extra time to prep
-We have a ton of momentum