Goff needs to be better

Goff criticism is justified. Goff has been very good. I credit his patience. I credit him knowing when to throw the ball away. And for the most part, his decision making. But he’s too safe, throws inaccurate passes, and throws late. So before you all start coming at me especially with stats, I watch the games. His receivers are bailing him out. Goff can throw a terrible pass, but if it’s caught it will make his stat sheet look good. I’ve seen this all season long (so far).

I will only use a few plays against TB as examples. Particularly with Jamo. The play right before Jamo gets his first catch is a terrific tight throw to St Brown. If you watch that reply, Goff is late, and passes up a wide open Jamo with a lot of green. Then Jamo gets his first catch having to adjust low because of a poorly thrown low ball. If Goff hits him in the chest, Jamo has room to run. Then Jamo drops a poorly thrown ball. Again, with room to run. Then the bomb to Jamo which was late and under thrown. Big time catch by Jamo with the DB’s hand on the ball. Goff got bailed out.

I can break down his film from every game this season. I’m not anti-Goff. I think he’s playing good. But I’m not drinking the over-hype Goff kool-aid. He needs to be better.

I suppose you fault Goff for all those dropped footballs to-right? had they been caught, Goff would-have 1,300 yards by now .

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You can literally break down every QB in the league if you want and get a similar take. If you don’t think Goff played a great game yesterday then I question the way you break down film.


No NFL QB is perfect. But he is very, very good, and has certainly improved in his time in Detroit. Of course he could get better… anyone can.

But look around the NFL. There’s a lot of mediocre-bad QB play. Goff is absolutely in the top-10 right now, perhaps higher. Can you name 10 QBs you would prefer to Goff right now? Because I sure can’t.


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He needs to be better than 30-44, ~350 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs?

And I suppose our defense needs to be better than giving up 6 points?


I’ve been a Goff supporter from day one and your probably going to get crucified for this post because many Lions fans do not take critiques well.

But you’re not wrong Goff does play it safe a lot. He’s a smart QB who manages the game and won’t force plays. When under pressure and when hurried he does tend to make more inaccurate throws. He’s not the best at playing off platform. He’s best when he has time and a clean pocket to step into. Yesterday Tampa forced him to throw off platform and his accuracy was affected by it.

However Drew Brees was the same way. Give him a clean pocket and he will pick your defense apart.

I do not think the Lions pocket is as clean as it was and that’s why Goff is making more mistakes. Some of that falls on play calling too. I feel we need to improve our short passing game some.

But that’s just it… a lot of QB’s struggle under pressure. A lot of QBs are less accurate under pressure. Goff manages to win where other QB’s would loose.

I don’t think his receivers are bailing him out though. His receiving group is NFL average. He doesn’t have a goto superstar that he can lean on in those situations. Which I find even more impressive.

But what Goff does very well is he doesn’t panic. Under pressure he still goes through his reads and finds an open receiver and delivers the ball. He’s a very smart, headsy QB …. He’s never going to be a flashy superstar type of QB. He’s a blue collar working class QB and a damn good one.

Goff proves that you don’t need a flashy, dual threat QB to win NFL games.


QBR–ranked No. 4 overall:

QB Rating–ranked No. 4 overall:

TD Passes on a team with a run game–tied for 5th

YPA–3rd overall

INTs–tied for 36th

Passing yards per game–No. 6 overall


Offensive line

  • Graham Glasgow: (70) 100% – Five special teams snaps (20%)
  • Kayode Awosika: (70) 100% – Five special teams snaps (20%)
  • Penei Sewell: (70) 100% – Five special teams snaps (22%)
  • Frank Ragnow: (70) 100%
  • Taylor Decker: (70) 100%
  • Dan Skipper: (4) 6%
  • Colby Sorsdal: Five special teams snaps (20%)
  • Halapoulivaati Vaitai: Five special teams snaps (20%)

That was a big part of the problem.


Naw, bro, I think we’re good.


Goff is struggling with Jamo and it’s not all Jamo’s fault. He’s a very different type of receiver than an Amon-Ra and I think Goff needs to spend some time working on it. He is late and inaccurate on these deep throws all too often.

And maybe LaPorta needs to hit the Juggs machine this week. And I say that tongue in cheek because if you haven’t got great hands by now, you probably never will.

He missed a few throws yesterday and had a few thrown in wrong spot that could have been big plays. One to Laporta was thrown short and inside and let David make a play. That ball needed to be out further and over David’s reach.

But I am thrilled with Goff and his growth. He needs a clean pocket for most part but doesn’t make many mistakes.

The other big knock on him was play on the road and lions are 3-0 on the road.

It’s fine to critique but I hope we are past the days of “draft a QB” or “we need a duel threat qb”

Have you seen any qb play perfect this year? Yesterday he had orange popsicles in his face a ton last night. He is missing two oline, gibbs out , DM out. Still learning Jamo.


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We are 5 and ■■■■■■■ 1. Goff has been Fantastic. There is no such thing as a “perfect” QB. If this isn’t a troll post I think someone needs to take a step back.


I would say that in general Goff has been really really good.
I am not sure who would pass scrutiny other than maybe Mahomes. That is literally it. If you take Mahomes as the perfect QB. Then Goff is within 4-5 slots or maybe half a tier lower.
I still see it as such:

Tier 1- Mahomes, Burrows
Tier 2 - Goff with 4-5 others

The point is I am not sure what a post like this is trying to accomplish other than troll. Goff has been by all acceptable measurements really really good.

Why would it need to do more than one thing?

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I get wanting attention but can we just ban him and be done w it?


Thanks for the laugh on this victory Monday!!!

People are funny