Goff Press Conference

First impression -

I don’t get the leader of men vibe from him. I get a Joey Harrington vibe.

DC himself felt need to get out in front of the Goff portion by characterizing it as “quiet confidence”.

With Goff’s career so far he should have more of an ego or hidden edge you see even in nice guy QB’s.

I think I seen a bit of his edge. He quipped about playing with a broken thumb and he was quick to talk over Birkett. He’s walking into Stafford’s shadow as a “tough” competitor who battled through things. He was confident in himself and without disrespecting Stafford at all, let them know he’s no slouch when it comes to playing through injury.


Since 2017 Jared Goff is tied for 2nd with Russell Wilson for QB’s with most wins. I think whatever he’s doing seems to be working. Hopefully that translates to Detroit.


Used to hear same garbage about Stafford.

I saw it as exactly the opposite. Rah rah guys in the NFL have gone by the wayside … the real way to be a leader is to work hard, and do crazy shit like pop your thumb back into joint to keep playing.
Our vocal leaders are going to be coaches, and guys like Brockers and Decker. Goff will lead by example, and that is exactly what you want.
Super impressed by what he said … he was straight forward, honest and authentic. Completely the opposite of harrington.


Tom Brady is on another level when it comes to being a directive and vocal leader that any man will follow. He sets the bar.

Goff has been finding his voice more and more every year as we all do with age and experience. Still only 26 but his interviews show an intelligent and well thought out individual that wants to win.

Campbell made a hell of an intro speech about biting knee caps but even he was pretty calm and subdued for this one. Gotta know when to be in control and when to lay it all out there.

A lot of the Rams Fans call him Joe Cool (hence the #16) because he is always very calm and collected but you will see his fire when he makes a big play to win a game. He doesn’t take crazy risks during the game but will put it all on the line to get the victory.

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You beat me to it. That’s the vibe I got from Goff too.

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Goff is the typical “California Cool” kid. He has a laid back demeanor but that doesn’t mean he’s not a leader. There’s lots of different ways to lead.

People complained for years that Stafford wasn’t a leader because he wasn’t fiery in pressers. I never understood it.


I thought the Brad Holmes portion was interesting as well.

He wasn’t specifically looking for Goff, but that made it by far the best offer. He was very specific that Goff was a definite value add to the deal. We know this already but the Carolina deal gave more draft capital and Bridgewater and was probably the runner up deal. Goff was worth it.


Last month…


One more video. Lot of the same topics as the press conference covered:

Meh…Pretty generic interview. Generic questions. Generic answers. Blah, blah, blah. No, I’m not thrilled about Goff being the QB. I view him as a temporary player(2, maybe 3 years) until they find what/who they’re looking for. He’ll be fine for helping to figure out what other players can contribute. To be fair though, I haven’t seen him play but a handful of games, so I may be wrong, but from what I’ve seen, he’s average at best. I do hope I’m wrong, but I just can’t get excited. Might be my 50+ years of Detroit Lion excitement, hopes and expectations being built up only to be shattered are in play, but I just can’t get worked up over this.

I feel Goff is a dude that can get it done. Definitely not Joey’s cheerleader energy, IMO. More “smart guy” than alpha energy. There are many leadership styles that can be effective. I definitely prefer Matt, but this cat is much younger, also a good QB, and came with 2 firsts and a third. I think the net gain could be better than what Matt can do on his own, as we have more competent people doing the drafting now.

Cam Newton’s energy IMO is not leadership energy, and he damn near won a SB. Some guys get it done with talent, some guys get it done w/intelligence, some guys get it done with leadership (Brady). This dude seems to have a solid combo of centered energy, strength, intelligence, and faith (in himself and the situation).
When Joey talked, you could tell he was trying to talk himself into some shit that he didn’t believe. Gofff has much deeper faith in himself. I feel like he is fighting back a big smile, sometiems. It doesn’t feel like nervous smile as much as “goofy bastard” smile. I am the last one in this room that will be arguing with that. I have a ton of goofball to me. I can see him as a potential calming presence in the huddle, in a different way than Matt was. Mat was more alpha, this dude has a less forceful energy, but seems very composed, and will likely be able to impact in other ways.

I’m always in the inconclusive camp. A lot can happen in the NFL. I think we’re turning the corner, men.

My #1 wish for the remainder of the offseason is J-Will from NC. #2 is any high caliber WR. I think the only reason I have RB first is because I am quite confident I’ll get my WR.

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Watched the entire press conference and his demeanor, attitude and personality remind me quite a bit of Aaron Rodgers, does that mean anything, no, but that’s what I felt listening to him.

I also like that he said he doesn’t view this as a rebuild, he’s here to win!


haha wow ive havent been here long but seems like at least half of you and probably more are very unenthused.

Well they are both from California. It can rub people a way.

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So is Tom Brady. All three are from Northern California… 2 will be HoFers and Goff still has a chance.


Finally had a chance to listen to it and I have to disagree with the OP. He came across as confident, articulate and seemed genuinely happy to be here. He has grown up since his early days in the league when he was much more reserved.

I loved his reply to the media guy who used the word “rebuild”. Goff stopped him in his tracks and said that he doesn’t see this as a rebuild at all, no hesitation. I love the attitude. I hope people support him instead of acting like a jilted Stafford fan and not giving Goff a chance. He’s a Lion now, Stafford is a Ram. Lets support the Lions QB.


Not enthusiastic? You bet. Been here before. Turning a corner? Yeah. I’ve watched this team turn more corners than the city of Detroit has. It seems that around every one of them is a wall of some kind. Like I mentioned, I’ve pulled for these Lions for many years-decades-and while I keep hoping that they’ll bust out and be a contender, I’m not getting excited about a QB that another team essentially gave up a first round pick to get rid of.