Goff vs Stafford #s since trade

Caught ya wearing your wig, Natty!
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The only QB in NFL history to throw for 30,000+ YDS and have fewer than 100 INT in their career:



I thought the same thing, until I remembered that Stafford got them the ring. So to me, TBD.

so do we call Goff Stat padford or Gafford ?? their #'s are sooo near each other.


If Goff shows up to training camp with new teeth I’m going to be kind of pissed.


Unless they are filed into points. Then we know he means business

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That’s where I am. The Super Bowl would mean more to me if Stafford helped win it.

I absolutely love the guy and he’s been my favorite QB since that Browns game.

Part of me was hoping the Goff extension wouldn’t be signed so we could sign Stafford for one last hurrah to end his career and win a Super Bowl with him.

That being said Goff has been Holmes’s guy since 2016 and Holmes has been far more right than wrong so I trust Brad and Goff to take us farther than we’ve ever been.

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