Goffs presser today - last answer is awsome!

Dumb questions asked overall imho but I love his responds to the last one!


My man.


I like his demeanor. I really hope he succeeds here and we don’t have to worry about drafting a QB for another 10 years!


There’s a way to have all of the confidence of a cocky person, without being cocky.

Goff seems to pull it off.

If you read between the lines, he’s a little perturbed that he’s being written off as a nothing, transition QB given what he accomplished with the Rams.


Seems like a good person.

my lord he looks sooo young like 22 or something…rookie-young…

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When your mouth says, “I don’t need to do that. I’ll go out and play and hopefully play well and let them make that decision.”.

But your smirk and eyes say: “Think whatever you’d like; that’s why we play on Sundays. Let’s see who forgets me again.”.


Yeah, the kid did something already that Stafford never could, win a playoff game.

Everyone says that Goff is a tick below Stafford but I think he’s better than Stafford…and will prove that this year being away from McVay!


Stafford is clearly more talented arm wise.

I can’t wait to see how he handles being a Lion and how he manages the game with different coaching.

Show me McVay is over rated and your under rated.

I tend to think he’s a bit under rated as a QB.


Agree - hopefully under-rated now, maybe somewhat over-rated two years ago. If the truth is somewhere in the middle, we’re OK for now.


Stafford has a better arm than a lot of QB’s that he’s worse than.


When mock drafts for 2022 already project the Lions taking a QB…that’s gotta provide some measure of motivation. Especially when some have them picking in the first 3.


Yup. He has more talent than Tom Brady and Drew Brees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With Stafford as our QB, we drafted in the top ten 6 out of 12 years.

We rode our last #1 overall QB for 12 years and some wanted to get rid of this one before he even played a game for us.

Give Goff a few years.


Its funny to see. And of course the biggest fear some have about Goff and why they wanted to replace him immediately was because they wanted to hurry up and use the pick Stafford got us (7th overall) because we might not be drafting in the top 10 while Goff is QB. LOL


I dont think people realize how high we’ve been drafting with Stafford as our QB…even I was a bit surprised when I looked it up.


And they fear that Goff will have our draft position in the 20’s and late teens…which is where Stafford had our scoring offense 8 of the years he was here.


I’d say shitty leadership had a hand on our OA rankings more than players or individual player did.


Look- I know this will piss some off, but…

Stafford is the worst QB in NFL history, up until Jan 31st 2021. That is when he fetched a playoff winning QB with 2 pro bowls- along with 2 first rd draft picks and a 3rd.

Why? Because of what’s been posted in this thread. A bottom 16 offense in 8 of his 12 years. Zero playoff wins. Drafting top 10 in “6 of his 12 seasons here!”

A brilliant point was just made that we should have considered drafting a QB at 7 this year because “some were afraid we wouldn’t draft that high again soon!” The best way to draft top 10 over the past 12 years is to be the Lions with Stafford.

Is he “untalented?” No. Is he a “bad guy?” No. Does it change the fact that at 22, 27, and 32 years of age he couldn’t win here? No!

If the Rams wanna pretend that Kupp and Woods are better than Calvin and Tate, and Akers is better than anyone we’ve had, then it’s time for LA cornbread.


Might be my favorite post I’ve read in here

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