Good Job Bob

I see a lot of posts on here completely slamming BQ. Some of the moves he made I hated like trading Tate and Diggs, drafting a TE with a top ten pick, and letting guys like Glasgow walk for nothing. I look at the roster now and I have to admit I like what I see. High character guys everywhere. No malcontents. On offense it looks like we have the best group of RB’s we’ve had in a long time. The oline looks to be a strength with depth. The defense looks primed to have some positive regression with up to 7 new starters and again great depth. I think we have all the ingredients to be a really good football team. Gotta give Quinn some credit for this past offseason and what he was able to do with this roster. My prediction: Lions win the division.


Good post. I do think BQ has done a good job reforming the team. The record may not show it, but
that is a young coach and injuries for the most part. The Lions could put a San Francisco and turn things around in year 3 under Patricia, they have enough talent.

I don’t know if the money situation is attributable to BQ or not, but the Lions are way out of cap hell they were in not too long ago. They could still add a couple of really good veterans before the season starts.
This could be the year of the Lion.


Let me just temper your expectations, this board responses as follows:

Quinn sucks, he sucks more than anyone who has ever sucked.

Patricia is a fatty boomblattty, and his weight is the reason the Lions sucks!

I love lamp!


And upgrades to the coaching staff as well!

Now we have to see if his approach transpires into a winning season. I sure it does. But I have to admit, I am a tad bit skeptical.

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I see a half-ass LT, some rookie OG’s, a good Center, and a very unproven RT.
I see a WR corp that are best players are free agents next year.
I see a D-line that was viewed as a weakness going into the draft…and wasn’t really addressed.
I see a lack of pass-rush that wasn’t really addressed either.
And who knows what to even think about the LB’s.
Not to mention the 8th overall pick from last year who can’t seem to stay healthy and an overpaid blocking Tight End in Jesse James.
Until Quinn proves us wrong, Quinn assembles a worse team every year than the one before.

Sorry, didn’t mean to poop in your blue punch-bowl.


Well, they vastly improved the run game. Which should complement as well as take pressure off Staffords passing game. The Oline is better and younger. The D is still an embarrassment.

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This is where I’m at. It’s a roster devoid of real high end starpower. They have gotten worse every year. I’m not sure how you say “great job Bob” and take a victory lap at this point. We could do that after every draft year ever. I’m not a Quinn fan and think on the whole he has done a pretty bad job over five years.
The recent draft looks like it could be a good one but lets see how it translates on the field. Congratulating Quinn because things look hopeful? I feel like I’ve heard a version every year at this time, right after the draft, since forever. Let’s hold off on the contract extension and the champagne at this point.


There you go regurgitating your same crap. You see a half ass LT I see an above average starter that is a core piece at very important position. You see some rookie OG’s I see two maulers that give us better depth than last year. You see a good center I see a potential pro bowler. You see an unproven RT I see another mauler that is no doubt an upgrade from Wagner. Yes our WR’s are FA’s next year, that should give them plenty of motivation to produce. I see a DLine that was more than helped this offseason both in FA and the draft. Shelton, Williams, Penisini, Okwara plus the return of Hand and Bryant will help immensely. Who knows what to think of the LB’ers? Well I know Collins should be an upgrade. Okwara’s athleticism should be an upgrade. Another year for Tavai should be an upgrade. I notice you didn’t mention the RB group which is now a strength, or how much the secondary has improved because trolls like you only want to see the negative. If I was only gonna come here to spew garbage and hate on this team I simply wouldn’t come here.


well, yeah, it’s premature to give Bob the :+1:
to me the draft looks excellent
i hope the FA signings will be effective
but it all means nothing until we see what the product on the field can do

truth starts revealing itself in about 5 months
until then, we’re all full of sh-- :crazy_face:

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Where in the hell have you been Coach? This team and it’s leaders hasn’t done 6ick in 60 years let alone the last two.
I am a realist and this team and these leaders have to PROVE IT here in 2020 !!
They never have for a long-@$$ time.

The goal is to produce WINS/ WIN football games , beat the opponents set in front of you. that’s IT.

Since were talking Quinn here , The Detroit Lions have not done this . each and every offseason fans lament about bowls and ‘how damn good we’ll be’ only to have are @$$3$ handed to us again and lose , put up another losing season -again. before patting Quinn on the back and giving him credit.

Show me the results 10 Wins in 2020…bare minimum , then I’ll say good job ! BUT NOT before then. Another thing?

Snags IS a quality poster here he has been a part of the Den for a lot of years and I’ll take his word as is to.

What your mad because he doesn’t see sunshine & rainbows !? He’s like every Lion’s fan here that wants REAL Results not more of the .

That makes Snags a man with an opinion , nothing more. Let THIS 2020 team produce IF they can, until then? you can’t single out posters for wanting quality results OR being sour over the past results and gut wrenching losses.

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Yeah, I mean, every year it’s the same "Hey great job, (Matt, Martin, Quinn, etc.)…and every year the teams fail on the field.

I am happier than a pig in poop we got Swift. I kind of forgot about Okwara but hopefully he’s far greater than his draft spot. The RT from Philly, Veal Parmesan (or whatever his name is) just seems like a Stephen Peterman type of signing. Penisenvy sounds like he could add some depth (that’s what she said) but we lost a lot of depth too.

I’ll wait to pat Quinn on the back when we make the playoffs, otherwise he needs a swift kick in the ass right out the door.


even if they get 10-11 wins, I’ll be satisfied.

Hard to believe this post got so negative.


Agreed, especially on this board.


Syd— you’re doing good work man. :+1:

Negativity, what? Not on this board lol

As a Detroit Lions fan I completely agree with both CoachMetiv and Snag’s posts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go medicate.


I have my fingers crossed. But I don’t have a lot of optimism. Not because of the last 60 years. But since Quinn has gotten here: Our record has progressively gotten worse. Our roster went from some pro-bowlers (Suh, CJ and Slay) to Agnew and…? We’ve went from a HC that appeared in a SuperBowl as a HC to a coordinator who has been. I feel Quinn has added nothing but questions. No answers. But the off-season isn’t over yet. And that’s why my fingers are :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:

Why not, it’s legal now.