Great - We’ve Bottomed Out Again

Now that the Bengals have won a playoff game, the Detroit Lions become the team with the longest playoff drought in the NFL at 30 years. THIRTY EFFING YEARS!!! This dovetails nicely with the longest SB appearance drought in NFL history, also held by your Detroit Lions. I have three daughters older than 30…and they’re old.

That streak ends next year.

Count on it.


Not just the NFL either. Longest drought around the 4 major American sports. It is gonna be sooo darn sweet though when it happens. No one can call us bandwagon fans. I honestly cannot imagine how nervous I would be in the playoffs.


Man it will be great to see how Brad Holmes, mcdc, and goff can end all of these crazy long droughts with a single play or game… oh wait I guess that really doesn’t and can’t impact the way they approach next year can it? Shame

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Bengals are legit good! Stay tuned.


LOL - My area of focus could not be further from yours.



I’ve often said if this team can win a Super Bowl they’ll have a parade from I-75 in Detroit to the Mackinaw Bridge, and we’ll burn this state down. Schools will close for a week! I’m sure there will be quite a few tears shed n beers drank!


I think an interesting exercise would be a player by player comparison between the Lions and Bengals.

Hint: our “31 year drought” will be more like 32 or 33.

Holmes will have to be an absolute magician to secure 5 new starters and 7 solid contributors (at a minimum) in this next draft and free agency period.

Burrow looked money tonight. Unflappable.


Just wait until they develop and get some experience.

I hope everyone in the entire organization is made aware that we are on top with that streak now.


There needs to be a sign when you enter the building that says simply…


It needs to drive everyone. Piss everyone off.


Dan is on board with this line of thinking. I like that.

Get guys that are pissed off by shit like that.

What I want to see out of the quarterback position specifically is someone that just has a different switch to just go off when they’re pissed. I don’t think Goff has that, but I am willing to be proven wrong.

Everyone else needs to violently attack every rep with the intention of taking that sign down.

Man am I ready for March 16th, late April, and next season.

Go Lions.

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That the Lions are the worst means Jack shit to me. The Bengals having been worse didn’t make it any better with how much the last regime screwed the team. Having to start over yet again was all I needed to be upset about the length of time for a playoff win. Where the Lions are on that list (compared to everyone else) didn’t and doesn’t matter.

In two seasons of existence, the Jaguars and Panthers had been to the exact same amount of Championship games as the Lions.
It took the Texans only 10 seasons to have more playoff victories then the our blue kitties, during the super bowl era.
We’ve been bottomed out for a looooo nnnngggggg time.

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You don’t have ot have the Bengals roster to have a playoff team. Our coaches are amazing. it is actually a massive positive. If Brad is who I think he is, this roster will climb for another 4 or 5 years, before it starts to get to level off/maintain mode. We will be winning playoff games WAY before that. Which means…yeah…we have a massive window of ass-whipping coming to Detroit.

I go go further into this…the energy it will take to beat us will make it an awful afternoon. Teams that beat us will have more a look of received exhaustion than celebration. Our team will be a massive pain in opponents ass next season. The year after that…look the F out. Once we have a roster of depth and talent, domination time.

This “Whoa is Me” life of a lions fan is gone. We are not the victim. We are the apex predator. Right now, people think it’s a young velociraptor that’s nearly grown…time will show…It’s a GD TRex that is juuuust getting started.


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We break the streak at 32 years.

I do look forward to Playoff football with this group.

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With ya, my dude! Hard to tell a Lions fan “be patient,” I get it!
We might even blow the lid off of this thing as early as next year.
We need the QB spot to work out, for sure. Dan will create a TON of his own luck.

Well, sports suck. My old man, he has been a fan since he was 5 in the 50’s. He is the reason I became a Lions, redwings, Pistons, tigers, Michigan fan. He is the reason I went to college in michigan and I lived in Jackson for alot of my teens. I grew up until I was 13 or so in San Francisco…during their football dynasty…surrounded by 6 uncles and a grandpa who were football junkies and teased my dad…but nope we were lion fans…I alway figured at some point we would get to see the Lions win. We would get to share a great lions moment like we shared the Wings in the 90’s and 00’s and the Pistons in ‘04. Well, My dad is 74 years old and been diagnosed with sudden onset Alzheimer’s. He legit called me yesterday and asked why Stafford wasn’t starting for Detroit and when did Harbaugh become the coach at Michigan. He calls me every week asking the same question on Saturday and Sunday…“Jimmy is coaching Michigan??? When did that happen?” and “Who the heck is this Goff kid? Where is Matthew?” It’s hit me that I most likely won’ get to share a memory that I hoped for nearly 35 frickon years…of all the things we loved to do together…the lions and talking lions football was the number one thing for 35 years…and he doesn’t even know who Jared Goff is anymore…Lions have been so bad for so frickon long…


Love that his instinct is still to reach to you for the love and sharing of football, even when he’s not understanding/rememering everything.

Sending lots of love to you both, my bro!


Well, as long as we are kicking injured puppies…

It has been over 2,000 days since a Detroit Sports team has won a playoff series.

Rachel Dratch Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Also, Detroit currently holds the longest streak for a city with all 4 major sports teams to not appear in the playoffs (Since 2019).

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You all have to live in the present! Not the past…

The streak only defines you if you allow it to