Haason Reddick has received permission to seek a trade

Detroit Lions

The Lions should be in win-now mode after flirting with a Super Bowl trip this year. Imagine pairing Reddick with existing starter Aidan Hutchinson off the edge. While there are arguably more pressing needs in Motown, including on the back end of the defense, with more than $45M in projected cap space at their disposal, a splash for a proven winner like Reddick might be worthwhile.

“Two NFC Teams Interested in Trading for Reddick”

-Lists 5 teams

Yeah :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

They didn’t mention his age either. He’s 29.

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I’m not sure I want to pay big money for anyone on the 30th ranked defense.

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Hes had double digit sacks the last 4 years

he would be a clear upgrade on the right side tbh


We could get 10 sacks out of Houston too, but we will probably choose not to. We’ll probably play him out of position at linebacker.

Only if he’s top notch in kickoff coverage !

Seriously though I’m not sure Brad giving up those picks.

Haason Reddick is essentially a more expensive version of James Houston.


When did Houston go to the pro-bowl?


Or get all pro honors

We hype our guys up too much i stg man


The original cited tweet:

Bryce Lewis

Via @JFowlerESPN on Sports Center:

“The expectation league-wide is that Haason Reddick is moved at some point.” Fowler lists the #Cardinals as a team to watch, referencing Jonathan Gannon’s connection with the pass-rusher, also adds “Atlanta to an extent” as well. Will the #Falcons make the move or wait until the #NFLDraft2024 to add more pieces to the defense?

8:26 AM · Mar 23, 2024

Hassan Reddick is just a more expensive, better, long term productive, and pro bowl level version of James Houston.


Well, it’s actually a total of 6 teams:

4 NFC teams that could be interested (Falcons, Cardinals, Lions, and Rams), plus 2 AFC teams (Colts and Texans).

AG will not play Haason Reddick at DE any more than he will Houston and for the same reasons. He’ll end up playing linebacker and dropping into coverage. Terrible idea.


Reddick is more proven than Houston but when it simply comes to rushing the passer I don’t see it as a massive upgrade. I’d pass personally and I believe that we likely will as well.

I feel pretty good about our Edges tbh but if I’m adding one I think it’s a more traditional defensive end.


Anytime you get a chance to upgrade a position of need, you have to give it a hard look.


6’1 who can’t set the edge. If Reddick was so good, why would Philly be trying to off him??? He’s a situational pass rusher, right?

Reddick never produced a half season that Houston did in '22. Prorated over a full year he’s definitely a pro bowler.

If Reddick was a free agent, I would be down for adding him on a one year deal. Can’t have enough pass rushers. But I don’t think Holmes is going to give up draft capital for him.

Reddick seems like a better, but significantly more expensive, version of Yannick Ngakoue.

Here’s an article which discusses his pluses and minuses, including PFF grades for 2023:

Pros and cons of Detroit Lions trading for Haason Reddick - Sports Illustrated Detroit Lions News, Analysis and More’%20Draft%20Crushes,-Read%20More&text=Adding%20Reddick%2C%20a%20proven%20pass,run%2Ddefense%20grade%20from%20PFF.