Hall of Fame coach Bill Cowher: Detroit Lions' Dan Campbell 'reminds me a lot of myself'


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While Campbell is more handsome than Cowher, I have been saying this since very, very early on in the first year.

This ain’t just a dynasty …it’s a Dy-NASTY!!!


Campbell is putting the nasty in dynasty!!!

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Look at Cowher trying to compliment himself. :sweat_smile:


I think Campbell has the demeanor of Bill Cowher, but is much more forward thinking. Cowher was old school pound the rock and play defense, and be conservative. That aspect is a complete 180 from Dan.


I’m way ahead of you Bill Cowher - saw this one a long time ago.

(…way off on the Aubrey Pleasant comparison) That aged liked milk

Correct → Campbell > Cowher

Dy Nasty or Dy Tryin


Love it

Hulk Hogan Sport GIF by WWE


Truer success rate of that in his era.

You and I both said this during his introductory presser…. :wink:

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My dude!!!

Hulk Hogan Freedom GIF

The 1st to complement Dan on being like Cowher? None other than @stephenboyd57 himself! Congrats Boyd!

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Me too.

But I will admit this:

After 1st press conference = Unhinged Bill Cowher (F*** YES)
After 3-13 and 1-6 start = Rod Marinelli (F***)

Thank god he was Bill in a Rod disguise :joy:

For me…my faith in Dan Campbell hasn’t moved a fraction of a millimeter since day 1!
I could see them focused on growth the entire time and making strides, even when it didn’t show up in the win column.

We’re still getting better and not yet at critical mass.

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60 percent of the time I’m right everytime :joy::joy:

Thx for the props bud.

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I like Cowah, but he’s an MCDC wannabe!

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There were a lot of us.
And then, there were the ESPN guys.

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