Hamilton and Lloyd

I have come to the conclusion that the best way to improve this team is to grab the 2 playmakers at positions of need.

A dream draft would be coming out of this draft with Hamilton and Lloyd. Is it possible? With some luck it is.


Trade back and then up.

It’s the draft’s Contra cheat code.


I want those 2 guys more than I want Hutch and WR4 or S2 in this draft.


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Hamilton is worth it but not where the lions are picking. Lloyd just flat isn’t worth it.

Is parsons worth 2nd pick in this draft? Is Lloyd = parsons? That is the question

Different style of LBer. Lloyd isn’t the pass rusher nor the pure athlete (though he’s no slouch) though IMO he’s more disciplined and instinctual. He’s probably more akin to a Janin Davis type. Again, still not that level of juice but he’s a much better LBer than Davis.

Once @Nate gets me that zapper, you’re in for such a zot!

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Need to watch more film but don’t like Hamilton. I think people fall in love with his size. I think that size just slows him down.

I need to be zapped go look at the fun max trade one i did

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Shit, I totally forgot that Lions fans are mostly masochists. That’s going to make it weird to be the one who hands out painful punishments.

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Just an FYI but hand buzzers absolutely kill it in white collar settings. When I worked at a law firm I brought one in that I purchased at a magic shop. Had no idea such an insane prank would get belly laughs. The managing partner actually borrowed it ti bring it to a meeting with another defense firm. :man_shrugging: emphasized text

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I have been happily married for 27 years. I can take anything at this point


I don’t appreciate you posting my #!

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Parsons was drafted last year. I know what you mean, but it a mute point bc LLOYD is not Parsons. Lloyd is not worth the second pick. If someone thinks that then we are talking a Matt millen decision.

Yeah I think AG tends to want 230ish cover backers, who can still be somewhat physical on the blitz and run support (JRM/Anzalone), OR a pass rush OLB. I think the tweener type guys like Flowers and the bigger ILBs (even Barnes) are not really going to be in the long term plans for meaningful snaps. I could be wrong and I know they drafted Barnes, but it was in 4th round.

Honestly I thought they’d be using him more on the edge to simply get more snaps out of him, but JRM is starting ahead of him because he can cover better. I think as we go if you can’t cover well, you won’t be a high investment guy at LB for us, unless you are a pass rusher. I haven’t spent enough time looking at the off ball LB’s to know who is and who isn’t a target IMHO of course.

So is Lloyd more darious leonard?

I think it’s very possible but I’d argue it’s a bad draft strategy.

I love Hamilton but I’m not taking a S higher than 5OA and I think Hamilton will go between 5 and 12 anyway. So unless Holmes can get a decent trade down I doubt he takes Hamilton.

I also don’t think I’d trade back up for Loyd. Many of the mock draft simulators have him still in the board with our Rams pick and i think that’s realistic. I just don’t think he’s that big of a difference maker that I’d trade up for. I like Loyd but I’m not giving up draft capital to move up an get him.

I am big on Brandon Smith. I actually think Smith has a bigger upside than Loyd does. I’d stay pat and take Smith with my second rounder long before I’d move up for Loyd. I’m not convinced you have to move up and get him anyway.

Mark my words Smith will be climbing up my draft boards as we get closer to the draft.

Check out Jo Jo Domann. I think you’ll dig him. Not a homer take IMO.

He’s like Pete Werner with a bit more swag. Better pass rusher too but that same kind of safety like coverage ability.

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