Hasson Reddick on the Trade Market


Next year is last year on his contract

No idea how much it would cost,

2nd round pick and our third maybe?

Yes please.

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Awesome. But how is he dropping into coverage and playing man coverage?


Actually considering hes older than sweat

A 2nd can get it done prolly by itself

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Don’t forget about special teams.


He’ll be 30 by week 3.

Bosa is younger but injury prone. Reddick is a pretty consistent baller.

I’d give up a 3rd and a swap of late picks for Reddick. A second feels steep but if Brad did it, I’d be on board.

We have trade rapport with Philly.


I wonder if the Eagles are going to want more of a haul to trade their top pass rusher to an in-conference title competitor that is another pass rusher away from having a pretty solid defense.

Yeah this is a possibility for sure

Yeah i wouldnt mind it

Big contract you have to give him though

Holmes wont trade for anyone .


I remember VLG liked him a lot coming out.

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I’d want Reddick a lot more than Joey Bosa.


I dunno, maybe? Reddick also has a say in all of this. The reason I think Reddick and Bosa are even possibilities is because Detroit has become a destination for free agents due to its culture.


This is how I’m feeling.

Reddick brings Super Bowl pedigree. Bosa brings injury history.


Same here
I was interested in seeing what Bosa would go for until I just read this about Reddick. Reddick all the way over Bosa, even if it cost a 2nd rd pick. You are not getting another Reddick in this years 2nd round

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Denico Autry please.


I like Autry also!!

He’ll be 34 by training camp.

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Chris Jones >>> Reddick

Christian Wilkins > Reddick

Justin Madibuike > Reddick (for us)

Reddick >> Joey Bosa (IMO for us)

I struggle to see where Reddick fits in this defense schematically.


Autry would be short term, he is at a point to just get on a contender and into the playoffs deep.
He may be a cheaper option that Brad likes if they also have eyes on another younger guy in the draft