Hasson Reddick on the Trade Market

He would make the most sense if you tie in the coaching connections and the price tag.

IF Hasson is really in a one year $14 million deal that is ideal. Send a message to Houston that kick ass and go get yours. Gives us pass rush depth. The Lions were good at pressure and QB hits but not at finishing. Hasson would help there too. We would not be a Hutch injury away from being awful.

He is a rental player and teams need that sometimes too.

To me this is about compensation as yep, we can use depth with pass rushers. Our late 3rd round pick might work for everyone. We are giving up possibly a critical developmental player for a one year rental.

I think I pull that trigger.

We still have 3 top 80 or so picks with the Vikes 3rd selection.

Maybe need still at CB, DT and OL depth still even if we pull a deal like this.

Aren’t some positions much harder to find solid players later in the draft? Isn’t DE one of those?

I feel like it’s better to draft a pass rusher in the 1st and spend your money on a corner than the reverse.

Truth. We virtually gave them Swift. Maybe that’s why Brad didn’t ask for much in return. He knew the Eagles were going to be shedding some players and greased the wheels a little ahead of time

3D Chess

We did?

1 year of team control of a good but not great RB for a future 4th seemed fair to both sides.

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Good point. allow me to clarify. We most likely could have got a comparable or better pick for Swift by holding on to him longer

The Eagles had Swift on their radar. The Eagles like to target players on the last year of their rookie contracts who might have become expendable by the team that drafted them. CJGJ, J Howard, Tim Jernigan….

Swift was a piece they were looking for who was a high second-round pick, was only 24, and has big-play ability.

He ended up being a great piece for them as a 1,000 yard rusher dual threat player.

So to Nate’s point there’s likely good will established

Wouldn’t Philly want a premium to trade him to another contender within the conference?

They got a 1000 yard season out of Swift and will likely get a 5th or 6th round comp pick when he leaves in free agency. I doubt they pay him but somebody will.

They did the same thing last year with Sanders

What’s the word on the street from the local real estate agents?

The deal is easily reworked into a 3/47 type situation, with a void year on the back end. I’m not saying they would do that, but since the deal has so much salary there are options.


To me, it sounds like Howie is balking at Reddick’s extension request, so they told him to seek a trade . . . more to disprove his worth than to actually find a trade partner.

Personally, I’d be out on Reddick.

I never loved the fit. I want a powerful, pocket pusher leaving a Houston as the DPR. If we want a second DPR that’s fine but you can decent options on the cheap. Nothing nearly as impactful as Riddick. But a resurgent Da Problem plus that’s guy like Autry could easily get you more production at less considerably less expense.

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Both Joey Bosa and Mack are of greater interest to me if they are cut. Contract structure would matter though. Especially when it comes to Joey.

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Same thing happened with Slay last year. Howie basically said “if you want THAT much money, go get it somewhere else” and then they came to an agreement.

The Eagles have borrowed a lot of cap from their future to put this roster together, they’re going to need to make some sacrifices at some point. I thought trading Reddick might be the start of that but if he re-signs then they’re obviously sticking with the plan and going deeper into cap borrowing.

Was going to say fans can put away the trade idea.