Hasson Reddick on the Trade Market

Houston-Autry-McNeil-Hutch would be a pretty sick NASCAR package.


Abandoning his team after a disappointing off-season is likely to be seen by this staff as a turd move, and I happen to agree.
Some of y’all booed Stafford. Why?

At least as good a Houston is at it :massage_man:

It’s not. Holmes doesn’t make trades like this.

There won’t be any splashy free agent signings or trades IMO but I’m open to being wrong.

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I would trade for him before Bosa.

Then he is who we need, we need someone thats ready to go next year and he fits the bill in a lot of ways for this team. His age is the only negative about this signing.

He’s gonna want to go to a contender.

Ah-hem. Lions fit the bill.

Holmes has also never been this close to winning a Super Bowl as GM. If he thinks it will work, he will try.

To me the idea would be to bring the proven version of a player in with the younger version, like we did when we had proven CJGJ with the next version in Brian Branch.

Joey Bosa is a completely different animal. He is a Hutch type player. He is going to show up every down and be a part of the equation whether its run or pass. A team like Detroit could get the best version of Joey Bosa as an overall football player. And Bosa would enjoy playing for a staff that finally “gets it.”

He also wants $20m a year.

I don’t know that the Lions are giving anyone a bag like that other than Jared.


Starting point. He will accept less. Far less.

I agree with this, however, health is the biggest question mark for him imo.

Bosa has to get released to be an option. That inherited contract of 2/47 just isn’t tenable given his recent injuries and performance. And given the Chargers cap situation it’s hard to see them reworking it to eat more cash to get a pick back.

I’m pretty confident that Joey is getting cut. If he is I’d be interested in an incentive laden deal.

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How about we count on Brad to draft the “next” great pass rusher.

How about both?

While I’m excited to see what Brad can bring in the next draft and beyond, there is a reality of a window. The Lions peak opportunity could be next year, maybe the next 2-3 years. That doesn’t mean we’re a shoe-in, it means we’re in contention and need legit help opposite Hutch and we are woefully short there.

Good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

Maybe Holmes adapts and becomes more aggressive in bringing in external solutions but it sure sounded like he was remaining steadfast with his draft and development strategy at his most recent presser.

I mean it doesn’t make sense to go after a big money FA if it impedes the ability to resign Sewell, St. Brown, and Goff. That’s what old regimes used to do and it would bite us in the butt down the road.

I think so too. Only way they could trade him is to eat half the contract

The last DE Holmes brought in was 36 so… he’s a spring chicken!

Calais Campbell age 37. Guaranteed Lion next season. Book it.

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