Have Howie Roseman and the Eagles

Crossed the Mickey Loomis rubicon.

Meaning have they already kicked the down the road so often that the plan is now to keep doing so until an obvious rebuild presents itself.

As evidence I present to you the Bryce Huff contract.


Look at their 2027 liabilities. Most of that is paying for past years of play to mostly guys who aren’t on the 2027 Eagles.

Certainly that number can be massaged. And I get that but how about some moderation. Roseman has become a win now glutton. The Lions have $1.4m committed for 2027. That is about to change but those guys are young ascending stars who health provided will be factors in 2027.

The Eagles in 2027 will pay Huff, Lane Johnson and Barkley 42m in void years.

So my question: does Howie have any path towards keeping his job besides just inflating the bubble? Cause the other way seems like a teardown. And maybe he has the goodwill there to survive the teardown. Maybe I’m missing something here. I just didn’t fully realize how sketch the Eagles approach had become.


He leaves the Eagles and joins NFL Network, ESPN, FOX, or someother network as an insider until getting hired somewhere else.


Hurts contract is similar kicking the can down the road.

Hell they owe like $50m between Kelse and Cox this year and they retired.


If you add in his extension, Lane Johnson’s likely final contract was for 5 years and 105m. They will pay 38m of that after he’s done playing for them on that contract. Just some wild credit card usage IMO.


As i have said in other threads as well i think the eagles may be broken already based on the way they ended the year. Drafting a bunch of players with motivation concerns and the team shows motivation issues to end the year…

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If only they kept Patricia… too bad

Some of the NFL Ringer NFL writers have started to put together this idea of a Howie feedback loop. In which he signs/drafts famous people that the NFL writing/blogging community has covered and knows well and then is applauded for doing this. That in turn leads to Howie doing the same thing which refreshes the cycle.

They have better coordinators. They should be a good team. But long term I think they’ll have to go through some things.

So its like movie and tv media and awards

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I understand backloading contracts to manage the cap, but the whole void year thing is where it crosses the line for me.

I know they are, or will shortly be, table stakes for winning, but it really feels like playing with fire.

I think the biggest factor will be Hurts. He was noticeably limping throughout large stretches of the season. Was clearly playing banged up. But his style of play leads to that. Will he be able to have sustained health and success? Not sure.

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They all talk about his genius though. His team has stayed relevant through QB and coach turnover.

He’s betting on the come, or the fact the cap increases exponentially every season.

Yeah, except in those cases you have the cover fire of indefinite subjectivity.

That’s a very nice way to say “spraying bullshit everywhere”

Eagles scheduled void year cap hits:

  • 2025 - $64 million
  • 2026 - $94 million
  • 2027 - $10 million
  • 2028 - $22 million
  • 2029 - $97 million

Total - $287 million, or 112.5% of this year’s salary cap.

Roseman is lauded in the media for putting together strong rosters, but anyone could take this approach, and I think it’s telling that the vast majority of teams don’t.

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I mentioned this last off-season as well, they have progressively gotten worse, similar to the Saints before it finally caught up to them.

At some point the can will not be able to be kicked any further and they will begin a 2-4 years process of shedding bad contracts and restructuring players just to stay under the cap, and thats if they are smart.

The Saints are not, IMO, and are still pushing money into the future to sign agin vets so they can be mediocre. Signing Carr last year was a massive head scratcher to me. They have been 80mil+ over the cap for the last three years going into the off-season


Wow. Thanks for that. So I’m not losing my mind here.

If the owner OKs this way an has cash handy to pay the huge money like the day they sign then he will keep doing it. The money pushed down road is money already paid out. So the owners account has seen the millions go. Soon team will have to count all the money on dead cap. But as long as owner hands him the guaranteed money that he must pay now the cap is just a number. The owner see’s money leave his account to players.

It’s a bad habit to say they owe them, because all the money has already been paid. Reporters have a bad habit of mixing salary cap (accounting) with cash and using the word “pay” when they should be using the word “recognize”. When the retirement papers are processed on June 2, the Eagles will recognize a $13M cap hit this year and $26M next year for Kelse and Cox


I think the Eagles are in a better position than the Saints. However, thank you OP for recognizing something I definitely missed. As long as a team has big salaries they can always go to “the bank of…” those players. So when Patrick Mahomes has a $45M salary, it also means the Chiefs can tap into that to create cap space if they get tight on funds.

A red flag of the Saints issues is they had/have almost all minimum type salaries and the rest of the big money guys salary cap hits are prorated bonus heavy. This puts a team in a tight spot because there are very few deals to be able to restructure to get out of current trouble. Looking at the Eagles salary structure…wow. I didn’t realize it was that bad. Here is a snapshot of the top 20+ paid players on the Eagles, but only showing the salary for the season. There is virtually no salary to pull from to get out of trouble.