Head Coach nickname thread

Figured this deserved a thread its own. Below are some of the nicknames I’ve seen thrown around.

Somewhat official:
Danimal (this one seems to be more common)
The Dude

From twitterverse:
MCDC (Motor City Dan Campbell) McAfee made this up?
Dan Cannibal (lol, you can only bite off so many kneecaps before people wanna label you)


Coffee Cannibal!!! Dude says he drinks hella coffee! I can imagine. My co-worker’s coffee breath would knock someone out lol

I vote for MC/DC or The Dude.

The only thing is The Dude was way more laid back… I think Campbell can be laid back, but at the same time he’s not laid back like The Dude. Maybe he’s like The Dude, but if The Dude drank 2 pots of coffee a day vs 10 White Russians.

He embodies the spirit of The Dude, but his methods are different… if that makes sense. The same, but different. Maybe @BigNatty or anyone else would be better able to elaborate on that…

But damn I just watched that press conference again… I cannot wait to see this dude on the sideline and see the lions locker room speeches after wins on Sunday.

I am all in on this regime.


MCDC or the Dananimal

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Bill Cowher Jr. MC/DC, The Dude, PC Principal

If he wins a few games, the fans are going to have a ton of nicknames.

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This has a bit of the same feel as when they were trying to pre-nickname the Suh/Fairley et. al. defensive line back in 2011, and we all know how the Silver Crush fared.

I do like MCDC, though.

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It’s funny just seeing some of the stuff coming up. I probably like Danimal the most, but the Dan Cannibal one did get me laughing.

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Knee Cap Dan

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MCD - Motor City Dan. Must stick with TLA’s. (Three Letter Acronyms).


The last guy had the nickname Chunky Soup even though his last name wasn’t Campbell.

I’m sticking with The Dude.

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That’s why I porpoises the Soup Nazi

But I agree. It should be The Dude

MC/DC . . . There’s a lot of AC/DC tunes you can play for Dan


Mad Dan 20/20

I hope he works out just so MC/DC becomes a thing.


He will send every opponent on a highway to hell.



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Campbell has a VERY strong energy. People can have tons of strength and relentlessness and they can choose to channel it in different ways. Think of the strength and how people channel it.
One that is coming to me right now is Terrell Owens.
Ownes and Campbell both identify as football people. Owens is a prime example of strength channeled through a lens of fear. He’s been able to make some things happen through his strength. He’s channeled it to achieve. He thinks his value as a human is based on his value as a player.
Campbell is a MAN. He channels his energy in a healthier way. He is a MAN that plays (now coaches) football. He is connecting with other people, helping them, unifying them, etc. Although he would not likely word it this way, he is strength channeled through love and abundance, where Ownes is trying to prove his worth. Campbell is DECIDING to BE more. With Ownes, it’s all about him. Fear of not good enough. With Campbell, it’s connecting through his stoic, centered, masculine energy. Owens literally looks like a little boy in a man’s body. Campbell looks like a man compared to men.
Strength channeled through the lens of love looks majestic, Like MC/DC.
Strength channeled through the lens of fear looks like a little boy, like Owens…super-high highs, and super-low lows.

Masculine energy is centered, reliable, and unmovable.
Feminie energy is easily triggered and all over the place.
While we all have both, and some dudes show up in scattered ways, and it makes them behave like a child. Others KNOW GD WELL who the fuck they are.

Campbell is a highly trustworthy, masculine energy. Dude will lead men into MF’n battle.

The NFL is so competitive that it isn’t enough. We’re still gonna need kick ass coordinators. Make no mistake bout it, Campbell isn’t a motivator - he’s inspirational. Huge difference. These young people that are barely out of their teens will see him as a father figure. They will learn just as much from watching him as they do his actual teachings.

Love the guy. Hope he murders MF’n Ass (especially when we go to GB).

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Detroit Lions (@Lions) / Twitter

Lions Official Twitter feed is a goldmine, Jerry! A Goldmine!!


Yea!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!! I will take some credit for promoting MC/DC and I’ll accept 5% of royalties…

Lol I’ll buy that shirt!

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I am curious to know if he is going to wear two watches ? Will he have a headset or just sun glass ?is dan campbells mother alive for the new soup commercial ?

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