Herbert named Chargers starter going forward

He has come in and performed at a very high level. He forced the Chargers hand because he is tremendous. He beat out a top 40 NFL QB. When is Okudah going to beat out a 2nd year 5th rounder for a job? I guess the learning curve wasn’t too step for Herbert. I guess the Chargers didn’t need to make excuses for Herbert . Every day that Quinn and Patricia are still employed is a slap in the face to the fan base. The only bigger disgrace than these 2 clowns is Sheila Ford. SAME OLD LIONS. Congrats to the Chargers fan base for landing a franchise changing prospect at #6OA.


I love the Chargers and I’m glad to see Herbert do well there so far…but I guess I’m missing the point of posting this thread!!!
Are you saying we should have drafted Herbert and not addressed the secondary?
Why would Quinn draft a QB when he knows he’s on the hot-seat and needs to win now?

I’ll gladly crap on MP and Quinn whenever I get a chance, I just don’t think drafting a QB was even in consideration right now with Quinn needing to win some games now…and with how atrociously bad our defense and secondary was/is.

I know Wes was big on Herbert and remember him saying Herbert was everything you wanted in a QB: Size, arm, mobility, etc…and I was more on-board with taking Herbert than Tua.

Okudah isn’t exactly helping the Lions to win games. I think the point was that if you are going to draft someone super high, he better be able to contribute and come in and start.

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Dr.SlippyNeedle’s bank records…thats what I want…maybe it’s the skeptical PI in me…

Herbert is looking great and how pathetic is it we couldn’t even get any picks for him?

Can’t wait to see the Tyrod lawsuit lol

Herbert could have been the cornerstone of this franchise.

So Aaron Rodgers was a bad draft pick for Green Bay?

He would have bought these guys more time.

It’s better for him and us.

Yeah, really. Just be grateful they didn’t draft Herbert or someone that’s helping them win and keep their jobs.

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The guy has it made. Gets paid $5 mil a year to play a couple games and turn it over to the rookie first round pick when he eventually gets hurt.

This reminds me of something an analyst said about Chad Hutchinson. He said Chad could have had a 10+ year career as a multi million dollar backup QB in the NFL. All he had to do was throw pretty balls in practice. But the worst thing that could have possibly happened to him happened…he was forced to play. This destroyed the illusion that he was a good QB and he was out of the league within 3 years.

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Chad Hutchinson and Drew Henson are rare cases of guys that look like they should be elite in two sports and yet aren’t any good in either one.


he could have !? With Matt P and Bob Q running this…nope , we don’t have a defense worth a damn, busted up TE’s , RB’s , and WR’s to , but we were going to go a LOT farther only if we had Herbert at QB, not Stafford. and won every game to.

I suppose.

Herbert wouldn’t do incredibly better with Brutus nd Opie around.

Loved him coming out . I wish we would have had a real GM.

Trent Edwards was another one that looked the part until live bullets started flying.

Was he a two sport star?

Joe Borchard was another but he appeared to be too damn good at baseball to carry forward as a QB. Great arm though. Beautiful swing as well. Turns out he couldn’t hit major league off speed stuff.

Justin Herbert was the best QB in this draft IMO. Wanted him very much for the Lions and not a sole here on this forum was higher on him or LOVED Herbert at QB the way I did .

Understanding this team was not going in the direction of a QB at #3 was easy to see . Herbert would not and still would not have seen a snap here thus far . Taking him would have had extreme value (We agree on the Draft Value of a QB) it was not in the cards for us with the situation we entered into this season in with Quinn & Patricia

What relevance does Herbert beating out a top 40 NFL QB have? So in other words he beat out an 8th place Back Up QB ?

How do you compare the two players, Okudah playing at CB and J.Herbert playing at QB and earning a starting gig ?

That 2nd year 5th round pick in Amani Oruwariye has been a top 50 CB with coverage grades in the top 40 .
How players earn time at each position very different . Herbert playing as well as he is at QB has ZERO, ZILCH, not a drop of relevance to CB play and how either gets on the field .

Excuses and reasons are two very different things …The word excuse is thrown around here way to often . Covid 19 and the lack of preparation & practice time for a Rookie CB is a Valid Reason on not starting when you look at what was needed to be accomplished in order to earn a starting gig against the talent that was present here at CB and for those Rookies that did best the competition to get the gig … they beat out much less talented CB’s to do so or were handed the job.

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You called it Herbert, you loved him all draft season

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HOW Herbert plays there would be night and day different IF Herbert played on The Lions, that’s strikingly obvious, not the same player…different outcome.