Here’s a crazy draft take for 6

I love that.

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Then would you draft a punter top 10? I know it’s an extreme example, but that’s the point. You wouldn’t, because you’re taking positional value into account.

You don’t see the positional value of RB as being as low as punter. I don’t either, but I think it’s closer to punter than it is OT, QB, Edge, etc… Which is why I can’t imagine drafting a RB that high, much like you can’t imagine drafting a punter that high.

without there being a truly BPA at 6…ie. one who is above everyone else - you may as well draft for need. I guess I’d go Gonzalez in that situation. Unless they really like Murphy…I do, but that means you didn’t re-sign ROkwara, Harris or both.

Unlike many of you, I’d test what it would take to move up for Carter, if he falls to 4 or better yet 5.

I know this was a joke, but I do wonder who the highest drafted punter ever was!? We have seen some field goal kickers go round 1 in the past.

He had 2 long catches other than the 76 yard TD and he was causing problems all game. He was anything but pedestrian.

But to the OP, I’m taking Addison over Johnston 11 times out of 10. I’m also taking JSN over Addison and telling Amon-Ra he needs to take Chark’s spot outside.

I think Garrett Wilson is probably a bit better than Chark, and JSN was good enough to move Wilson outside in college.

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He might be better. He has a really high ceiling IMO. CeeDee Lamb level player.

And as far as his testing I don’t expect him to take over the combine or anything, but I definitely don’t think he’s going to test poorly. He’s a better athlete than Wilson and Olave according to Wilson and Olave themselves.

Because of his injury which wasn’t managed correctly, someone is about to get a major steal.

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I’ve heard that too but I wonder. I can’t get the image of Joey Porter running him down from behind - without the angle - out of my head, and I really don’t think he’s very fast either. I think JSN’s 3-cone and shuttle will be really good, but I’m not expecting much from his jumps or ten-yard split. His 40 might be OK overall, but it could also be 4.6.

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I don’t think it’s that crazy at all. We don’t have a big bodied X receiver……I’d almost be more inclined to get him over Bijan. Maybe that is the crazy part. :joy:

I agree on all the defensive line options at 6. For me right now it’s:

  1. corner (Witherspoon, Gonzalez)
  2. Johnston
  3. trade down.

If jalen carter isn’t there.

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I’m not in the the belief that RB or WR would be an option for us in round 1.

I think we pass on those positions until round 2 at the earliest.

I expect us to go defense with our first pick…… and our second too


Agreed. The only offensive position I could see us going in the first is QB, and I really don’t think that’ll happen either. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised by an OT with OG versatility either, though that’s probably a pick for a little later.


Welcome mam it’s refreshing to have you here with a different opinion ,than a man’s.

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Ray Guy went in the 1st round. His team went to 7 conference championships and won 3 Super Bowls while he was there.


If that’s what it takes to win 3 super bowls, sorry Jack Fox you’re out! Punter @ 6 it is!

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This is where we disagree. I see RB especially for this style offense as very important. We’re not a pass happy spread offense, which even then functions far better with a legit threat out of the backfield. This offense and pass game is predicated off the run game.

You can look around the league today and still see it. You know every time we face a team with a good back. You read it here, we need to shut down Cook and Jefferson, we’ll need to shut down Barkley, or A. Jones.

Teams game plan to shut down a threat. They change game plans. You mentioned earlier 3 backs getting the production of 1. It’s the same as 3 WRs getting the production of Jefferson or Chase. It’s not the same thing. 1 is a game changer that takes several players to replicate the numbers, but they don’t represent the threat or change a game plan

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I actually agree with this 100%. I’ve always said I wanted a great running game and teams without them fail.

Where we disagree is how we get to that point.

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I love this dialog. It is a time of year we get to be GM, and all be wrong and all be right. WE just don’t know. Not a single person suggested drafting Brock Purdy as a back-up last year and look at him now. They are all PROSPECTS. Some make it, many don’t. SO for shits and giggles with this offense we need a guy like Justin Tucker, get to the other side of the 50 and we get 3 points. WHO is that guy??? I want him at #6

Janikowski part II. Rip Al Davis

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I will say this about the “BPA” conversation. Brad Holmes and co. have done meticulous homework the last two years and I’m sure they will again.

In both drafts, we’ve literally seen videos of Holmes taking THEIR BPA by THEIR list.

It’s worked out at a staggering rate, almost to the point you have to think it isn’t sustainable. However for the moment, whoever THEIR BPA is at #6 (and maybe a little need trickled in), I’m okay with it. Minus perhaps the exception of a QB. I hope QB isn’t anywhere near the top of his BPA list.


Yep, and there’s nothing wrong with that

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Haha! We land 1 OA the last 2 years, as well as a top 10
Bradley MF’n Holmes, y’aalll


and one was a coverage breakdown. He might be first round material, but as a UM fan, I see great WRs every year and Johnson is nowhere near as good as the guys OSU produces every year. At best he would probably have been the 5th WR taken in last years draft, and people want to discuss him as a top 10 pick?