Here's a crazy idea

We trade Goff to the Football Team for their 1st round pick.

Sign Tyler Huntley. Give him a year. What can go wrong?

If it works out. Bam. You’ve got your guy and managed to get another 1st out of it.

If not, we’re in the same exact position as we would be if Goff sucked.

It’s Goff, just mobile and cheaper.

You are right, you are crazy to think WTF would give us a first for Goff


Three more games like the past two wins, and they just might. Then again, maybe we wouldn’t. I see ya workin’ though, we share the yearn for a mobile.

I want Goff to be our starter so badly…

I want him to grab his own marbles and declare the Lions as his…

I can only root from afar. But if he has that burning desire to win and prove the doubters wrong…man, he can do it.

The issue is he is already mega-rich.

Does he wanna slap around and retire?

Or does he wanna live for football like Tom Brady?

If it is the latter…

Man, Goff can be good. Good enough to win a lot with. If he gets his release quicker and makes his footwork quicker?


Goff needs to understand Lions fans WANT HIM TO BE A SUCCESS. He just needs to want it too…


Tyler Huntley. is signed for next season so you loose the first rd pick u got for tempering

Whether Goff plays well or not I think the Lions have to replace him after next year. We need a good, young, cheap talent at QB. That’s how you win in the NFL unless you have a generational sure fire HOFer talent like Brady or Rodgers. That was the problem with Stafford. We drafted him at the end of the old rules when top draft talent was getting paid Hall of Fame money. We never had the opportunity to build a team around him. Throw Calvin and Suh’s contracts into the mix and we were toast.

Stafford rookie contract: 6 years $72m
Calvins rookie contract: 6 years $55m
Suh’s rookie contract; 5 years $68m

Aaron Donald’s rookie contract: 4 years $16m
Andrew Luck: 4 years $22m
Mahomes rookie contract: 4 years $16m

Add in the fact this was all happening when the cap was significantly lower.

The Lions could not win with that set up and they can’t win with Goff putting up anything short of HOF play. He’s not that. Unless he agrees to take a substantially huge pay cut we have to go young.

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I cannot agree with this post
Goff has already been to the SB
Get his head straight and he could become a winner
Last week he … stepped up in the pocket … did anyone see that?
Then threw a nice completion — do not recall to who

I think that was the first time we saw him step UP in the pocket this year

I think they’re working him up like they have so many players this year, it’s taking longer, but he’s improving — QB is the most complex position

We shall see in the remaining games but if he keeps getting better and we continue to see new wrinkles in the offense, Ben Johnson will be the next OC


You might want to double check that.

If Huntley is so great, then why would the WTF’s trade us their #1 pick when they could just go sign Huntley?!??!

And if Goff is worth a 1st round pick, he’s young, getting better, and a proven winner…why would we want to trade him away anyways!!!

This thread doesn’t seem very well thought-out.


You really think Goff is a HOFer? I see a middle of the pack QB who needs a near flawless team around him. You are basing your premise on one play? In my opinion he does not have a great football IQ and will continue to do things that cost the team.

Who said that?
Give it a rest

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To my knowledge, he is an exclusive rights free agent, not an unrestricted FA.

That means he is either re-signing with Baltimore for one more year, or he sits out. As they have exclusive rights to negotiate with him. They could also trade him.


Goff sucks let’s trade him for a 1st round pick. lol

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2022–exclusive rights free agent

2023–restricted free agent

2024–unrestricted free agent unless signed to a contract extension

Only in the National Girlfriend League


That’s because it’s not. Intentionally. That’s why it’s a “crazy idea” as the title states.

I got the idea while checking my fantasy free agent pool while watching Garrett Gilbert be absolutely out of place as an NFL starting QB last night. I thought of this and thought I’d ask the board to see what kind of reaction it’d get.

What are the odds that this FO trades Goff and signs someone else’s backup to be the starter next year?


So it’s not happening.

Aren’t you the same guy who told us Justin Fields was the 2nd coming of baby Jesus!? I kid, I kid.

I’ll stick with Goff over Huntley.

I figured it was just due to your infatuation with running QB’s.
I think trading for Bryce Perkins might be a little more easy or realistic but he’d be a project and you wouldn’t trade away a quality starting QB and make Bryce your starter.

I was a Bryce Perkins fanatic during his Virginia days. I’d take him very much please.

But that means Fox would have to change numbers, and I don’t know if he would take one for the team like that.