Here's the dumb part about Houston trading Jadeveon

Clowney was scooped up from Seattle for a third-round pick, and edge defenders Barkevious Mingo and Jacob Martin, neither of whom are impact players. Even if Clowney plays one year for Seattle and leaves, the compensatory pick they’ll get should match the third-round pick they gave up. Houston got very little in return for one of their superstars.


AND Houston is paying $7 million if his salary, so Seattle is only on the hook for $8 million this year


Why didn’t Houston just pay him for the year and let him walk?
1 year of Clowney is better than 5 years of Mingo.

If I were Houston, I would have kept Clowney, traded for Tunsil and Stills and signed Shady (if they could have) and made a strong run at a Superbowl.


You only get comp picks if you don’t spend in free agency.

They may plan to spend big next offseason.

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Clowney had no intention of reporting without a new deal (until he was forced to in week 10) and he would have been a huge distraction the entire time. That…plus he’s not really a “superstar.” He’s more hype than actual game, and O’Brien and the boys would definitely know that.


Then why did Houston sign him to a 1 year 15 million dollar deal, should have let him walk and got the comp pick.

Also, Clowney had 18.5 sacks in the last two seasons…that’s a superstar in Detroit!

You can’t just “take the comp pick.” There’s a formula involved.

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Now, they cut Matt Kalil!

The Lions paid Ziggy Ansah 17 Million to shit on the franchise for absolutely nothing in return.
The Texans got off cheap.


Wes brings it home, here. Houston’s hand was forced and they were not interested in a rich long-term commitment to their version of Ansah.

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Yeah, obviously…but you and I both know they’d get a 3rd for a player of Clowney’s caliber.

Still, Mingo is almost nothing. I’d rather have a 3rd two years down the road.

Yeah, paying players is always a gamble…from both sides.

Instead of getting no Clowney and a 3rd 2 years from now, they get no Clowney and a 3rd next year, plus Mingo, who’s a toss in. It was a no win situation for Houston without signing him long term, which they obviously have their reasons for not doing that.

Funny thing is, now they have both Clowney and Ziggy, might be kind of fun to watch if Ziggy can ever stay healthy.

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You would rather have a 3rd two years from now than a 3rd next year? Do you think you might be arguing just to argue at this point? And by letting Clowney walk for free, the MAX they could ever get is a 3rd, and that depends on who they sign in free agency…its no guarantee. By holding onto him and seeing if they could work up a trade, there were no limits to what they could get.

The PROBLEM with Clowney seems to be much of the league saw what I saw on film. Whether Seattle signs him to a big time contract in the next few weeks or not will be telling. Remember, Clowney had major leverage here…he wasn’t like Snacks who had zero leverage with the Giants and just had to report wherever they sent him. He has to sign his franchise tag to make any deal happen, which means he gets to discuss potential contract terms with the new team and then approve of the trade. If he gave the stamp of approval to a team that just wants to rent him for a year, it means other teams were not willing to hand him a big contract either.

We’ll see.


I believe once they tagged Clowney they couldn’t rescind the tag without it qualifying as a cut? Similar to designating Ebron with a 5th year option and pulling it? Maybe a cap expert could weigh in.

I don’t think that’s the case, if they rescind the tag then he’d be a free agent. With the 5th year option, the team has to exercise that a year in advance so they have no chance of hitting FA… So if they rescind the 5th year option before the 5th year begins, it’s as if they cut him. It’s a defacto 1 year extension. The tag is an option that the team AND player have to agree on and is issued before the year they’d enter free agency… The player isn’t under contract unless they sign.

I was forgetting Seattle gave a 3rd this year.

Obviously you think it was a good deal from Houston to get-out from under him but that doesn’t seem to be if you search around the web, there’s a lot of head-scratching going on for Houston trading Clowney away. Not to mention that Seattle was more than happy to get him for so little.

Q: Did Sunday’s news that the Texans are going to pay roughly half of Jadeveon Clowney’s salary for 2019 make the Seahawks look like even bigger winners in their trade with Houston than everybody already thought?

A: Undoubtedly. But don’t just take our word for it. That’s also the view of a few NFL salary cap experts — former agent Joel Corry who now writes for, and Jason Fitzgerald of

“I’ve never seen anything like this before for a franchise (tagged) player,” Fitzgerald said of the report Houston will pay $7 million of Clowney’s $15.9 million salary in 2019. “Teams do pick up salaries before executing a trade but those are generally for failed/overpaid players you are desperate to move on from and the only way to find a taker is to make the salary more reasonable. But for a player like Clowney, that is basically unheard of to have to pay a team to take him. It’s a no-brainer trade for Seattle.”

Clowney is gone …bury it , he means nothing to us UNLESS he becomes a Lion. shrug

It’s a bizarre trade, no doubt… Seattle definitely won the trade, I assume there’s some behind the scenes mess between Clowney and Houston’s front office.