His knee was down well before the ball went over the goal line

If I seen it how could the refs in NY miss it.BS, now they still had one more down to get it in But BS BS BS

Disagree, someone’s hand was under his knee, never touched.

BS, I have it on DVR, I just watched it again and again

I’m talking the final TD not the one earlier one. His knee was down when they stood him up, re watch it if you have a DVR

I don’t know, Motown. It looked like he broke the plane to me. It was close, but I think they got it right.

On that last play the KC O-lineman grabbed Snacks around the neck and tackled him.


That was before he broke the plane, how in the heck did they miss this

Look at the photo I just posted and tell me he got it, BS

Look at the photo I just posted and tell me what you see.

And forward progress for like 30 seconds

I’m telling you guys the league is rigged. There were more PI on the KC, and not one called. I won’t waste another minute on the NFL, besides watching the Lions getting fucked over and over again. Yes we made mistakes, but the refs have a job to do as well.


And yet no forward progress on KJs fumble.

He never should have reached though, that’s on him.


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Anyone got a replay of the final play? Why was Jones on the ground?

He was tackled. The NFL is a joke.

My question and should be the medias question how did the refs and New York miss that when I seen it with out a zoom

That is exactly what I saw on the last replay that they showed.

Doesn’t get any more obvious than this. Like I said, robbed.

Fair enough