Hockenson Extension

This is going to make it really hard to extend TJ at a reasonable price.


they have that deal in place “kind-of” at this point, Hock has to improve, but I don’t see this biting our ass…

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Yep. Reasonable was unlikely. Now it’s impossible. Pay the man or watch him on another team.

We picked up his 5th year option, so he’s still a Lion for at least 2 more years. Not too concerned about that one right now.

If he kicks ass, he will get an extension. If he doesn’t, you move on.


If I remember right they picked up Hocks fifth yearoption back in March. He’s still a bargain for now. He needs to stay healthy…he’s productive when he’s on the field.

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This isn’t really worth fretting over…

The simple answer is let it play out… the cap of 9.5M this year is reasonable, and projected Tag hit of 11-12M next year isn’t awful if we franchise him…

As far as Hock goes… it’s kind of a make or break year regarding whether he will be a stud. TE is a slow to acclimate position, as evidenced by Kelce nor Kittle seeing even a 600 yard season before age 25…

What we really need is 3-4 guys to show out as stars this year!

1,200 yards for ASB?
9-10 sacks from Hutch?
5-6 ints and lock down coverage from AO?
Pro Bowl from Sewell?
All Pro from Rags?

This team cannot afford to have Big V, Trufant, or J Collins level contracts for meh players.

If we win 8 plus games and Hock has 1,000 yards and 8 TDs, and blocks well… pay big!! If not- franchise him


And we already picked up his 5th year option. So the Franchise tag wouldn’t come into play until year 6. He’s entering year 4. We good, we good!

Agree on Trufant and Collins. But, Big V was one of the better guards in the NFL last year, 0 sacks allowed and only 3 penalties all season. Big V and Sewell on the Right side of the O-line are tough to deal with, especially in the run game.


Let’s hope James Mitchell develops into a starting level TE.


For sure! Huge fan of double tight formations, especially with this O-line, and then J-Mo and Chark out wide in a single back formation with Swift or J-Will. We could run it down your throat or we could go play action and take the roof off the defense with Chark and J-Mo, while the TE’s are running crossers, drags, and curls in the middle of the field. It would put a ton of pressure on inside backers and safeties if we can develop a solid 2nd TE.

Cap is gonna pop by 20+% by the time he is a full FA or coming off the tag.

Expect a request of $17m a year.

Nope. Nopitty nope nope nopester.


I think Mitchell’s performance will lessen the flat out need to keep Hoch, but I would like to see Hoch stay for the right price. If not right price…not the right team.

Getting way ahead of ourselves here with Hock! He’s under contract for 2 more years.

If you want a more realistic discussion it’s Amani Oruwariye, entering year 4, he had 6 picks last year. Clearly our best corner. 5th year option doesn’t exist for him.

Franchise tag next year possible? Long term contract? Where do we go with him!?


Agree about Oruwariye. That’s our next big FA signing.

Hope he feels similar to Walker and takes a team friendly deal.

As far as Hock goes, he has a ton more to prove to legit get Kittle kind of money. He’s not proven to be on that level yet


And Walker stayed, but Walker had 3 picks in 4 years. AO had 6 picks last year, his asking price is going to be high, very high.

He’s looking for Darius Slay money, his former mentor!

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Ragnow signed his extension early in his 4th season. Decker signed his extension just before the start of the season during his 5th season. Only two Lions drafted in 1st round to sign extension with 5th year option.

We are in the ball park of where they should start talking extension.

I’d like to see them extend both TJ and Amani this summer.


I agree completely.

First things first… that is a terrible deal by Cleveland. Njoku has played nowhere near the level of guys like Andrews and Kittle who signed in the past few years… they should have let him play on the tag and prove it.

TJ has missed time in 2 of 3 years and wasn’t a good enough blocker to justify the top of market at this time.

I think he has to prove something to get an extension of that caliber. There were a decent number of TEs signed this offseason that are good players and didnt cost even $10 million AAV, and Ertz has outplayed by these guys and got $10.5 AAV for 3 years… which is fine for a 31yo guy. TEs can play into the mid 30s and produce.

I think there are WAAAYYY too many TEs available to prioritize spending big bucks on a guy unless he is a true elite player. Hock isn’t there at this point.
It would be great if he got there… but a TE has to prove it IMO.


The way this offense is set up it’s fair to assume Hock will have a career best season
Signing him this summer may be smart
Injuries concern me


He’s better than Njoku without doing anything else.

The market is too high for TE’s right now, but I’m of the belief that you pay your guys.

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Hock has proven that he’s a good player and TE but has to stay healthy and produce a bit more.


Is Hock our guy though? Or is he the Injury list’s guy?

Pretty close race.

and again, he had 1 non suck game yr 1.

And his YPC has decreased each year since.

He hasn’t done enough to deserve a 2nd contract.

Full. Stop.