Hockenson showing his true colors

Not sure who’s watching the cowboys Vikings game but Hockenson with 2 consecutive drops. And the commentators are acting surprised.


TJ Droppinsome doing his thing


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He’s talented. Just not worth what he thinks he is. I loved the trade


lol I saw it. The first one was brutal.

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Same. All the people blowing up on DC for the trade will eat crow. Just because he was drafted at 8 OA doesn’t mean he’s a 8 OA player. But most people don’t even watch the lions

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Perfect pass. Kirk cousins has been really surprising me this year


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Hes been pretty good throughout his nfl days. The difference is the team is winning


Time to dig up some threads on those who dissed DC for trading Hock.


Who’s this Hock?


Make sure you highlight what you’re digging it up for. There was mild disappointment in the return and who the trade partner was and how it was sold as “we would have traded no matter the record” Holmes line, but nearly every person on this board understood that Hock was always potential trade bait by his own salary expectations and his limited production.

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After watching Brock Wright toss Tibbydough around like he was a ragdoll… I can’t help but bask in the better beanzzz.


You’ve just incriminated yourself. We have a small team of employees combing your posts as we speak.


LOL. I incriminated myself acknowledging how I dodged bullets in the other threads. Sooner or later I was going to get shot.

That said, this topic of Hockenson’s trade isn’t really a bad one for anyone. We all knew his days were numbered, I think.

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This is me…. when I found out Holmes wasn’t gonna give Hock a ridiculous contract… and we got better beans from a division rival…

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5 catches 34 yards so far.

21 catches 149 yards

7.0 yards per catch for the Vikes. Definitely worth the picks and salary cap guaranteed money undertaken.



Holmes not keeping Hock and making him one of the highest paid TEs in the league is peak NOT SOL…past Lions GM’s would have kept him and paid him.


Past GM’s didn’t have Wright, Zylstra, and Mitchell chopping at the bit.
Everyone is saying we need to draft a TE?
If the right guy is there in the 6th and you can’t possibly pass him up, maybe?


I’ll cop to it, no problem. If anyone cares enough to look, I said that the trade probably made sense given the contract he would likely get, positional value, etc.

BUT I was also frustrated, because he was one of just a few guys who were actually making some plays at the time. Not game wrecking, but he looked like a solid to above-average player for his position. And on a 5 game losing streak, it looked like we didn’t have a lot of talent. Because we were constantly blowing games.

To me, it looked like Homes was throwing in the towel for the season, and we were going back to the ‘building for the future’ narrative AGAIN. It was frustrating.

I am happy to admit when I was wrong, it happens all the time. That’s growth, baby.

More relevantly, I am happy to BE wrong.

Shoot, if you can get better results and more production with 6th round picks and cheap FAs, that is great! If we avoid a bloated contract, improve our draft position, and don’t suffer on the field, that’s awesome!

Holmes is not perfect, but had made some good moves in hard situations. And that’s better than we’ve had at GM for a long time.