How do we get Surtain & JJ McCarthy

Who’s got the master plan?

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I don’t see Denver trading Surtain and I don’t see Detroit drafting McCarthy.


Thinking the same thing!!

Wait are you suggesting the Lions should get the UM QB?

Are you his dad? Are you smoking a pile of weed right now? Like holy cow this has to be a troll post.

I get Surtain but I am guessing you meant someone else beside JJ McCarthy?

No I just know a future star when I see one.

Put the weed down, maybe you could start seeing it clearly too


Me rn:

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No chance in hell this team takes McCarthy, and there’s even less of a chance McCarthy turns out better than Goff.

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McCarthy is a downgrade. I don’t trust him as a leader.

I’m almost certain/surtain is financially out of reach in terms of a future move.

I want a guy like Johnathan Allen from the foreskins

he would be great next to Hutch. That would help the entire defensive backfield


Name 2 things that aint happenin…


I win the lotto and then suddenly find true love


Goff is 10 years older. Will be 31 and JJ will be 21/22 going into the draft .

Would set franchise up for next 20 years like GB did

I get back to my college weight and can go back to hitting those high notes from A-ha’s Take On Me easy peasy…

The former I understand; the latter, I do not.


How do you say you are a UM slappy without saying you are a UM slappy?

I am not saying he is good or saying he sucks. But I will say that there is no reason for the Lions to be drafting a QB in the next 5 years unless Hooker is looking like crap at practice. JJ is a nice college QB playing in an absolute crap B10. So it is impossible to get a good read on him. Nice arm, nice athlete. But to pull anything further from his game is a pretty tough pull.

But lets play your game. He is over 6’2" which for me is a must. Should be around 220 to take the beating (he is 202 but lets say he can beef up). Pretty good speed, I am not sure he has elite level speed but he has shown he should be able to get some good yards if things break down. So he checks some boxes. The arm accuracy was a concern but he is over 70% which for me is a must for a college QB going into the pros. So he has all the measurables I would suggest he needs or you would want. The question is can he really read a defense and process things quickly? And there is where you lose me. Not saying he can or can not. But you certainly have no clue either. If anyone was able to discern that then Purdy does not go last in the draft. What is funny is the player that everyone was basically calling dumb is doing the best out of the QBs taken in this last draft.

I get you like the kid. But he is definitely not in the can’t miss group. He gives me Fields vibes or Stroud. Either one really. And clearly more of a Fields with his running ability.

So based on your belief when do you take him? What round in your mind does he warrant a pick? @Jman

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I was gonna say hit my ideal weight then win the lotto. The finding true love part was a must but if I could pick 3 you nailed it.

I’d kill to get back down that low again and in good shape.


Round 1 2025 Draft

I don’t even like U of M

But the guy with SpartansD as his handle, after getting beat down worse than the Lions , is hating on JJ.

And trying to insinuate I’m a U of M Homer. That’s funny

like the cheating spouse accusing the other one of having an affair lol

Haha we love you Jman.

Chris Farley Brother GIF

You’re already at an unfair advantage with the handsomeness, bro. I am not educated enough to know about the voice-related stuff, but you’re killin’ em with that handsomeness


Listen I am for sure a huge Spartan fan.

But I do not give 2 shits about what college a guy plays at when it comes to the Lions.

If you want the truth I am a massive Hutch fan. And I also think the best QB of all time is easily Brady. But here is the one that should convince you that my hate for all things UM football end at the college game is this. I think one of the top players of all time was clearly Charles Woodson. I can make a pretty good argument that he is easily a top 5 all time. And I also contend that he retired out of boredom. Dude was still an all pro after 18 years in the league.

I get that JJ looks nice. But I struggle with many players out of the B10. Especially QBs. The athletes on defense are just sub-par across the board in the B10. So it is almost impossible to predict these guys. And couple that with the fact that for me he has not shown to be a can not miss type. No way I would waste a pick. Plus Goff is 29. He has easily 6 more really solids years.


So by then he’s 35 and done.

JJ is 26 and ready to go. And still younger (6 years from now)
Than Hooker is today

Goff + JJ > Favre + ARod