How many nationally televised games do you think the Lions will have?

With the schedule coming out soon let’s get that discussion started.

We all know the Lions will get at least one Monday night game and Thanksgiving.

I’m wondering how many nationally televised games we will have. Will any be out of the country? How many will be home games?

Let’s discuss which games you think they are and against who?

Games played at Ford Field: Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans.

Away games: Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers.

Which games are the biggest matchups do you think?

Rams, Bills, TB, and GB

Vs 49ers, Dal, Hou, and maybe the colts.

I’m thinking 49ers, Bills, Dal and Rams are highly likely and whoever we play on Tday.

I’m guessing 5 games total.

I’m wondering who gets Monday night and Sunday night. Who are possible flex games etc.

Thoughts on the games, schedule, matchup etc


I’m thinking
49ers(first weekend)?


I am thinking no overseas games for the Lions.
Both the Bears in Vikes have games in London this year, but I doubt the NFL will put a divisional game overseas. The Jags play in England, but we have them at home this year. Carolina is the Germany game and we do not play them.

I am thinking the Lions will play on Monday October 28th at home or in Arizona. I have my 65th Birthday planned in Vegas, and this is one way the NFL will screw that up and make me cancel it.


I know I am in the minority here. I also understand why the league does what it does. Lions used to not get them because they sucked. I didn’t like the sucking, but I always preferred the 15 straight 1 pm games + Thanksgiving. I’ve always felt that such a consistent schedule through the entire season could be beneficial for a team.

All theories and speculation on my end of course, which is probably why I’m in the minority.


Superbowl is nationally televised. As is all the playoff games. But factor in the play-off bye into the figurin’

6, possibly 7.

I’m thinking Rams T-giving. Even tho we just played them at home, still a juicy matchip.


I was thinking that they would play the 49ers week one in the 4:25pm slot for FOX

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The Lions game will be on CBS this year so it’s unlikely they’d play the Rams

My guess
One packers game

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Oh, does that mean it has to be an AFC team?

At least 5… the Lions were getting big ratings last year.

Not necessarily but with Buffalo and Jacksonville on the home schedule I doubt they’d put the Rams in that slot. But the Lions did play the Bears on Turkey Day a few years back and it was a CBS game. I mean you could be right about the Rams, especially if both teams are good or leading their divisions, so I guess we will see!

7-8 of you count all non Sunday 1pm games

Remember they have the 1st place schedule

Lots of great matchups

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The Lions will get the max. We’re a top 5 team that the nation has a soft spot for.

My guess

Wk 1 vs Bears SNF
Wk 5 vs Packers TNF
Wk 7 @ Texans SNF
Thanksgiving vs Rams
Wk 16 @ 49ers MNF
Wk 17 @ Cowboys Saturday


Is there a max?

I could see for Monday night-Sunday night- Thursday night

But having the 430 game seems non controlled

2 Thursday Night
Saturday week 17 seems obvious

Now you throw in at least 1 Monday night and 1 Sunday Night

You are at 6 with no 430 games

I hate 1pm games :joy: we often go to 10 am mass and then lunch after so I always feel rushed and often we are listening to Kick on radio on the way home

7 games.

They have this new thing called “record”. Takes away all the pressure of being home at 1pm. You get to fast forward through the commercials.

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Five plus Turkey day.


LAR on Turkey Day

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