How many running QBs have rings?

Jalen Hurts and Cam have gotten to the dance…. So have McNabb and McNair…

The thing is that after getting there… McNabb, Newton, and McNair…. The thing is they all got there pretty young, didn’t win it, and were rarely heard from again…. The 3 only had 6 combined winning seasons out of 20 following their SB runs…

Not to mention McNabb never got 100 carries, McNair topped out of 101…. Cam never had more than 140…. Yet all 3 had bodies fail them pretty young.

You already see signs from Lamar, Murray, Fields and Hurts-

I can appreciate Mahomes and even Burrow have some escape-ability, but their 40 times and 50 yard TD run highlights aren’t what got them drafted.

IE- if the team drafting AR15 was told for a fact it would take 2 years to be ready to start full time, and the he was limited to 6 or less carries per week for his career- is he a top 10 pick?


That’s just it, you don’t run for long in the nfl. Might be able to do it for 5-7 seasons if everything goes perfectly. Those hits add up now. And now it’s a 17 game season, soon to be 18 games before long.

Josh Allen is a guy to look out for. 3 years in a row over 100 carries, and he doesn’t slide. That is going to catch up to him if he doesn’t change his style of play soon.


Not no, but he** no! No way he is worth a top 10 pick imo. I feel he way overrated as a QB.

It’s still Russell Wilson and Steve Young. Both much better passers than most running QBs.



Young had a career high of 76 carries and 537 yards…

Russ did have 2 seasons slightly over 100 carries

  • that said if you combine Russ and Young’s top rushing seasons you have 1,386 yards and 10 TDs in 32 games…

They had Fields alone on that pace this year had he not gotten hurt…. But he did!

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McNair was AWESOME

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It’s coming. Hurts almost did it this year. It’s a small sample size throughout NFL history, but it’s growing.

All depends on the definition of running QB IMO.
Favre could run if forced, same with Erin, Maholmes, Wilson ect. Heck I remember Tarkington as a great running scrambler.
Is being mobile with the ability to run and take advantage of an over aggressive defense considered a gamble on a QB?


And tough as nails…. But no ring

Somehow Goffs 4700 yard 32 season at age 23 doesn’t indicate a high ceiling…

P Manning
D Brees
T Brady
Pat Mahomes
Big Ben

  • J Winston
    D Marino
    M Stafford
    Justin Herbert
    Dak Prescott
    K Warner
    D Watson
    M Ryan
    W Moon
    J Allen
    A Luck
    A Rodgers

  • there are the other 19 QBs that have had 4,500 plus passing yards and 32 tds in a season…outside of culepper ans Winston… that’s pretty damn good company


I guess at some point… maybe?

But when somebody ruins their next 5 years paying Lamar, the Browns and Cards keep choking on their QB contracts and Fields body fails… then it will be up to Hurts and maybe A Rich….

Then again the Eagles are about to lose 2 OL starters, Lane is old and half their D is free agents…. I think there is better chance that Hurts misses 6 plus games than the Eagles win the SB next year.

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More come into the league every year.


AR15 is trash, there is no point considering the alternative.

It’s funny that many will focus on the few throws a guy like Goff might not be able to make. At least until they win a SB or 2… or 7 like Eli or Brady….

Yet many are willing to ignore the 25-30% of the time a guy WHO CAN make all the throws misses due to accuracy?

This isn’t a slant on Stafford, as I think he’s got pretty solid accuracy too…. I just remember watching the Lions and wondering why our WRs were never open… I even used Goff and the Rams as the example of how in the hell Kupp or Cooks could be running 5 yards from the nearest defender.

Then last year I saw some wide open Chark, Raymond, ASB etc catches and it dawned on me…

  • a great play caller can scheme somebody open on most plays. A great QB knows this and won’t force it. He will throw it away and get it on the next one…. Manning and Brady did that a TON!

The next level is Mahomes and Rodgers who take the chances and still pull it off somehow.

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I would argue that there is zero reason to believe that AR15 will be as good a passer or runner than Cam…

Cam had 3 winning seasons in a 12 year career…3 playoff wins…a SB loss-

I don’t see Richardson throwing for 30 plus TDs…. I don’t see him staying healthy if he allowed to run often enough to gain 1,000 yards on the ground….

So let’s say….

By year 3 Richardson has 3,800 yards with 28 TDs and 800 yards rushing and 8 tds…. That would be pretty amazing right? So basically Hurts?

If he had a top 5 defense and Aj Brown, D Smith, Goedert, the best OL and a 1200 yard RB… then sure if all that happens he could finish the runner up

Something Goff has already done. Of our OL gets better, our RB room gets better, and Jamo is better than Chark was last year…. Don’t you expect Goff and the offense to be the same or better? I could see Goff as the QB on a team that scores 474 plus points in 17 games (since I watched him scored 525 points in 16?)

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It’s the same reason that Josh Allen will win a Super Bowl in the next two years, or never. If you are a QB and running is higher than your 4th or 5th option on every play, you will be Cam Newton by year 5. I don’t care how much you are built like a MAC truck.

This is really curious. If you asked me to name running QBs I wouldn’t name any of these guys. Maybe Jalen hurts.

This guys are mobile quarterbacks who could definitely run if they needed to. Sorta like a running back can flank out and catch if needed to.

But would anyone call deandre swift or Alvin kamara a receiving back?


There was sarcasm in my statement. I don’t think AR15 is trash. Who knows what he will do, if he gets in the right situation he could really excel. If he doesn’t he could flame out. I don’t think assuming the offense maintains it’s high potency is a given, not saying it can’t, but you can’t assume it.


If hurts stopped scrambling tomorrow he would still be okay bc he can also throw the ball.


Who drafts just a “running QB” and expects them to win a Super Bowl though?

I mean if I give you an example, I have a feeling you will just say “he doesn’t count”. Does Steve Young count? What about Patrick Mahomes? John Elway? Roger Staubach? Russell Wilson? Aaron Rodgers?

I suspect you will say that is not what you mean because they can actually throw the football as well.

So to me, this is just a long way of saying you don’t think that Anthony Richardson can throw the football well.

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Well, tbh, to this point he hasn’t.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see that get fixed at the next level, then again, it wouldn’t shock me if it didn’t get fixed at the next level.