How Much Improvement On Defense?

All the feel-good stories this offseason haven’t moved the needle of wins expectations for many board members. So I thought it might be beneficial to break it down to units, in this case, the defense.

There’s not much room to be worse this year, so how much better will the defense be and why? Tell me.

Looking at it from January’s perspective, it’s stunning how vast and rapid the transformation in both players and style has been. That’s especially true on our strength, the deep DL. With LBs that can actually cover passes for a count or two and occasionally blitz and young DBs asked to do the possible, I’m optimistic–but if you’ve been here for more than a second, you know that about me.

The defense will be a huge upgrade from last year. I’m guessing by year’s end we’ll be ranked around 18th, after getting our chit together by game 4.

So the offense and special teams will have to disappoint for the Lions to win only 5 games.


I think we are going to have the 2nd best defense in the NFL of the bottom 12 teams.


Dude…don’t make me do math :face_with_spiral_eyes:


60% of the time, our defense will work every time.


To be determined, my man!
D will be muuuch improved.

  1. philosophy…how we get down. Much more “■■■■ you” energy to it.
  2. strategy adults that realize you pressure a QB and take away what they want to do
  3. run stopping will be much better, as we have more depth and talent on DL, in adding Brockerz, thing one and thing 2 in the draft.
  4. DL will make everyone’s life easier.


  1. Other teams will key on our run, unless we prove we can pass. If teams take the run away, we will suck really bad.
  2. I also believe the D will be susceptible to short passes over the middle, so opposing slot men, TEs, and RBs out of the backfield could potentially shred us.
  3. Both 1 and 2 are conducive to our D being on the field a lot, and getting tired.

We shall see how this plays out.

I think our run game will be better than it looks this season, but due to lack of WR talent, and teams keying on the run, we may not see it come to full fruition this year.
I think our D could potentially get tired from being on the field, and our DL may not look quite as good as they actually are either.

IF Goff and the WRs can produce, we will be better than anyone imagined.
That said, I don’t see it happening that way.

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If we outperform on that side of the ball it’s Bc we dominate the A gaps. Between our DTs and our blitzing chops at LB we have a shot to do that.


I agree. The best way to deliver quality D is to take your Hand and Penisini and attack the gap.


Not using the Patricia 10 player personnel package will lead to improvement.


I think the DL will lead a resurgence on defense cutting the time opposing QBs have to pass in half, from 7 seconds to 3.5 or less. This feeling is partially predicated by the fact that Ragnow had a hard time handling McNeil. Add in Levi and brockers who we’ve seen little of, the OLBs will see single coverage or the interior is gonna be hanging on the QBs ankles… or kneecaps. Everything behind the the DL will look better because they don’t have to cover nearly as long.


My dude!
I’ll take that one, if nobody else is gonna!
thanks for the set-up!

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I have said a few times this off-season but I think coaching change and scheme alone will make this D better.

I’m not about to say it’s a top ten unit but I think it will be significantly better than last year.


An improvement from 5%

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It’s amazing how much better your defense feels when your offense scores points.

That’s all I got.

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Moving from all-time worst defense to merely below average should feel like amazing improvement on D. I think that’s a pretty realistic expectation. I think the hope is that they’re looking “promising” by the end of the season. We’ll see.

The offense will likely be a decent-sized step down. I like Goff, and I think he has potential to lead a far more consistent offense than Stafford did, but the cupboard is pretty bare for him. I hope the offseason narrative of the OL dictating a crushing run game to opposing defenses works out, but that’s yet to be seen.

Wins? Who knows? Last year’s win record was padded by two dudes named Matt balling out in crunch time. I think the 2021 Lions will earn more legit wins, but I don’t think we’ll see the late-game theatrics.

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our D will be ranked 27th…IMO.

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Offense… I have lessened my expectations because I really have not seen much from the 22 or so reps that half of the starters had in preseason. For that reason, I think most people are couching their expectations.

However, I see the offense as having probably 2-3 pretty good skill players, and everyone else has speed to burn… lots of speed and size on our offense. If the OL gels quickly… look out!

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like that Rick, but it’s a defensive thread…

Would you say his post was …“offensive?”

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And did I mean to be offensive? That’s the bigger question…

Because there are posters here who are very much defensive… and that’s offensive.

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Sorry Cub… I’ve been around this board for quite a few years… observing past behaviors of many threads here… I just thought it was time for the thread to be taken off topic. Maybe it DOESN’T happen all the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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