How this weekend changed my draft board

Edge rushers can change a game. We’ve seen their impact (or lack there of when there isn’t) all post season.

Can a safety render this type of impact? I’m not so sure.

I was all about Hamilton but if we even think one of the top two DEs can be that disruptive, we have to nab one.

Maybe Hamilton is another Ed Reed but I think DE has to remain our top priority, even if we aren’t convinced the prospect is perfect.


I’m seeing lots of good possibilities. Trusting Brad. I’m thinking we get hutch and he’s a little disappointing until after his first full offseason…get some NFL weight no him. I LOVE his attitude and approach to football. He is one of those ppl that will achieve above his level of physical talent.

Sure do wish the top of this draft was stronger.


A dominant pass rush can help cover secondary deficiencies. It’s also more fun to watch the opposing quarterback running for his life. Watching Offensive linemen chasing after your pass rushers is pretty funny, too. Yeah, I do like a good pass rush.


It isn’t just the production either…
the salary has to be considered.

Drafting a safety in the top 5 makes him a top 5-10 paid safety in the NFL… immediately.

while an edge rusher making $9-10 million per year is just an average starter on a 2nd contract.


Welcome aboard!

Thibs is a polarizing prospect but the one thing he can do for certain is get after the QB. His tape against Cal is damn near as good as Hutch’s against Ohio State, and some of his freshman tape is mind-blowing too.


Little noticed fact about Hutch. He has on multiple occasions played inside DT, effectively. Employing either and/or both Okwara’s with McNeil or Harris, may be an effective change of pace grouping. Haven’t seen a strategy employing Mr. Tibbs inside DT, used with Oregon. Hutch weighs an extra 15 lbs. over Thibs, with the likely prospect of adding another 10 lbs. or so pounds, for added bulk. Hutch is stronger at holding the Edge than Thibs, already. That said, Thibs has physical attributes (Bend), that Hutch will likely never possess. But Hutch has more athleticism and a better motor. Have never seen Hutch take plays off. I can’t say that with Thibs…Both would be upgrades at DE. Prefer Hutch, but am willing to give Thibs a shot to win me over.

Am interested exploring which Safety Hill or Brisker is a better fit with the Lions and why. We could very well see the first 3 Picks being: DE Hutch or Thibs, S Hill or Brisker, and LB Harris or Smith or BPA WR…

Sorry, I look at Thibodaux and a little voice in the back of my head starts screaming, “Courtney Brown part 2!”

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They’d have to have graded the edge guy(s) that falls to them far below what everyone else is to not take one.

I think they take DE, period, no debate.

I think it’s about roster building. Even if they think Hamilton is a sure shot HOFer, they most likely would still deem an above average DE as the preferred roster piece at #2.

I think concepts like relative talent levels, positional value, roster management, and opportunity cost all come into play.

I guess we will see …


Ha! I was literally going to post the same topic. Von Miller, Nick Bosa, Donald, Simmons, Landry, D Autry, Floyd, Warner, Armstead, Z Smith dominated the first 3 games…. I’m not sure anyone played D in the last game… lmao

You’re absolutely right. I think they take one of the DE’s and I’d be willing to bet (barring FA) they draft a Safety with one of our next two picks. I have four I really like outside of Hamilton. My four in order of preference are:
Lewis Cine, Daxton Hill, Jordan Battle, Jaquan Brisker. Cine reminds me of Bob Sanders. He always seems to be attacking the ball. Hill is the best cover guy. Battle plays tough and would give the secondary a presence. And Brisker looks like he the most pro ready right now. He is older than the other three and his awareness on the field shows it. I’d be shocked if we didn’t come away with one of these four guys.

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No offense but when people talk about Hutch this way all i can think of is KVB. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as KVB was halfway decent and a good leader but in no way is he someone I would want to pick at 2 OA.

If we do get Hutch I’m hoping he’s better than just a pure animalistic try hard guy. Those guys are great, but not at the tip top of the draft. :man_shrugging:

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Agreed, but the’s what’s available.
The year we get 2OA and there’s nobody worth the pick at that spot…that’s sort of how I feel. I think Hutch is more athletic than KVB, but there IS some KVB factor in there as well.

Not as excited about Hutch as I was about Sewell. Let’s see what Brad can do…Maybe he can trick someone into trading up?

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We were willing to throw top level Safety cash to Johnson last year, so maybe we could lock up Walker then sign a guy like Bates or Peppers. Or if we’re willing to sacrifice youth for romance… Diggs.

I’m all about the pass rush. I don’t care how great of a QB you are if you hit enough it’s going to change how you play.

I don’t see how Jessie Bates doesn’t get at least franchise tagged after the run they’re going on right now. No chance they let him walk.

Locking up Walker is a must.

I’d pass on Peppers.

I’m interested in Marcus Williams.

I’m also interested in Diggs.

I think now though that the Rams pick can be no higher than 29, maybe we really need to be looking at safety there. Good thing FA comes before the draft.

I think KVB is a good comparison, and I think Cliff Avril is a good comparison for Tbeaux. Neither are players I would like to pick at 2 OA but there you go.


And you could be right. Or he could be Myles Garrett part 2. That’s up to Holmes & Co. to figure out, but he’s got tantalizing physical gifts, and unlike Ansah or Oweh, he’s actually put up numbers too.

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You’re quite right, and regardless of who the pick is, it all boils down to the prowess of the front office to get it right. I’ll be be excited for whoever we select in that regard. Building a winner always should be our goal over personal preference. :raised_hands:

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I like the way Aiden plays fiery and he is so strong. I like the way KT bends better and looks more explosive to me (even though I think their combine numbers will be close). KT is Harold Landry to me. Then there is a part of me that really thinks Trevon Walker will be the best of the bunch. The problem with that is its such a projection for him at EDGE for pick 2, too risky and simply not enough tape even though he looks like a 275 lb freak who can play in space, but many 34 will peg him as a perfect 5 tech

What I really want is a dominant 3 tech for this team who can slant and get upfield. I think that would really help us.

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This is Dane Brugler’s comp too and while I can see it regarding his bend and length, Thibs is gonna tip the scales between 260-270. Landry was 252 at the combine and that was added weight. The reason he fell to the second was due to concerns over his ability against the run. He didn’t have any sand in his pants. Run defense isn’t Thibs’s strong suit either but he’s much better than Landry was, with the build to get even better.

Yeah I’m with you here, it’s why I’m intrigued by the idea of Leal at our 1b. Also Perrion Winfrey is a guy I really like, I think he’ll rise as he tests.