How to anger a few Denmates

I’m calling our 1-OA pick right now; (Hoping for a trade down, but calling it either way)

NAME: T.J. Hockenson



CLASS: Redshirt Sophomore

JERSEY: No. 38


HT: 6-5

WT: 243 lbs

D.O.B.: 7/3/1997

Receiving & Rushing Table
Receiving Rushing Scrimmage
Year School Conf Class Pos G Rec Yds Avg TD Att Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
*2017 Iowa Big Ten FR TE 10 24 320 13.3 3 0 0 0 24 320 13.3 3
*2018 Iowa Big Ten SO TE 13 49 760 15.5 6 1 4 4.0 1 50 764 15.3 7
Career Iowa 73 1080 14.8 9 1 4 4.0 1 74 1084 14.6 10
Data courtesy CFB at

Route Running – Arc releases at the LOS are effective to filter out from in-line alignment. Very smooth and natural at the top of his routes. Has shown versatility on stick routes, deep crossers, delays, seam routes, motioned flat routes, etc to provide ample impact in the air.

Hands – Wonderful softness in hands to ensure he’s snaring the ball. Caught a wet ball well (PSU, 2018) without gloves. Has softness to his hands to ensure he’s not jarred and missing the nose of the football in contested situations.

Versatility – A do it all TE prospect. Well versed in life as an in-line blocker, perfectly comfortable in pass protection and has excelled in that area. RAC monster, catch point winner, in-line TE with vertical ability. A true X-factor weapon.

Contested Catch Ability – Has high pointed a few (Indiana, Wisconsin 2018) balls with good sturdiness as contacted and strong hand-eye coordination. Well developed frame and catch radius flash and allow him to be a bail-out option in tight coverage situations.

Run After Catch Ability – More of a second gear than you’d expect for his stature, has blown through pursuit angles on more than one occasion and made defenders look silly. Has hurdled more than one defender in the open field as well. Powerful, difficult to wrestle down at the catch point.

Power At POA – One of the most tenacious blockers I’ve ever laid eyes on. The foot urgency and finishing skills are tremendous, will bury DEs and OLBs alike. Effective to collapse or wash down and ensure there’s a soft edge for ball carriers.

Competitive Toughness –Love his play demeanor. Is a player you’d love to clone ten of for your offense. Functional strength is exceptional, as is his relentlessness to get under the pads of defenders. Works hard to reset his hands and establish his base to uproot.

Flexibility –His lower half moves well, but he isn’t the free moving athlete that his teammate (Fant) is. Plays with control and fluidity, graceful in efforts to pivot sharply. Shows effective leverage and pad level as a drive blocker in the run game.

Balance –Blocking balance is terrific, shows an ability to play sticky on lateral contact and work his feet to leverage himself appropriately relative to the play. Will make far angled blocks look easy with how smooth he is scraping across the face to reset the hook.

Football Intelligence –Impressive polish for just a redshirt sophomore, wins in ample ways and does so not just with unique and special athletic skills but also from a technical standpoint as well. Should experience a lesser transition to the NFL, given his in-line pedigree.

BEST TRAIT – Versatility :+1:

WORST TRAIT – Deep Speed (I guess?)

BEST FILM – Wisconsin (2018)

WORST FILM – Penn State (2018)


T.J. Hockenson is one of the easiest/hardest evaluations of my season. Hockenson is terrifically balanced as a football player and it doesn’t take more than a few reps to know he’s an immediate starter at the NFL level with scheme diversity. The challenge for Hockenson’s tape? Listing a weakness. Hockenson is comfortable in any number of roles, giving comfort that he’ll be fine in WCO or vertical passing offenses alike. He’s a scheme transcendent prospect.

Somebody is always going to be angry. By my reckoning there are at least 5 positions where we need first round talent.
Then, there are the BPA folks.
For the most part, I fall into the BPA category, although, if we draft a position of need I’m not too angry unless we take a TE who is known to have the dropsies.

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@coyote12 would love this.

Brandon Pettigrew 3.0.

Great idea.

I’m sure Millen and Mayhew agree.

I’d prefer a defensive player @8, but who am I?

I’m going to trust that Quinn/Patricia will select a Pro bowl talent @8 regardless of position.

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That’s all we can do.

I would buy as many tables as I could in order to flip them out of anger.

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It’s not a novel idea. Some guy from NFL network is saying the same thing.

Drafting a TE that high makes no sense. The first 7 picks would have to have all been taken off the Lions board and Hockenson was their 8th rated player, otherwise I don’t see it.

If they draft a TE I’m going to have to have my fake Nerf remote close to me when the draft is on

It will be interesting to see how Bevell builds the offense. In Seattle he was essentially Co-Coordonator with Cable. Bevell managed the passing game and Cable the Oline snd run game…

So I wouldn’t be surprised as the new coordinator, he lobbies hard for a TE or WR like Lombardi did when he left a note on Mayhews door pleading for Ebron

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I need one of those remotes…

TE class is really deep this year so no to a first round TE especially at 8.

I second that motion.

And if/when you do take on, make sure the guy can block at a high level. Ebron was a disaster.

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I’ll just say this, considering the talent level, our “needs”, and the number of high end defenders potentially available in this years top ten, a TE WORTHY of the #8 pick would be huge for Stafford and our offense. As big a deal as the MIA running game has been in recent years.

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Our MIA run game is because we went all in on the pass. A LOT of yards were gained from runs after the catch from dinks to backs behind the LOS. The kind of backs that were pass catching specialists and they all were about 5’9", 200#.

At the same time we had league lows in rushing attempts. And historical highs for pass attempts in a season.

And we took OL primarily for their pass blocking skills.

Mayhew took us down the same stupid path that Millen did, only with TEs instead of WRs. Reiff was a lateral replacement for Backus, who just got too old.

The Lions aren’t going to blow another high pick on a receiver or TE. If we did, we’d probably end up with the next Kellen Winslow Jr. And if they do, I lose immediate confidence in Quinn.

Yup on all counts…i have confidence in Quinns evaluation skills, if he thinks a TE at #8 is the very best value and talent available, i’m okay with that.

Teez Tabor

Decker, Ragnow, Glasgow, Davis, Robinson, Golladay, Johnson, Walker, Hand, Crosby, Agnew, Zettle…

In rounds 1-3 Quinn is 8 for 9, not to shabby, about 85% success rate…and I’m not giving up on Tabor just yet, either. I have a feeling we’ll see him working out at FS before all is said and done. He reminds me of Brandon Mariwether who made the transition a few years ago.

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Oh, I agree that Quinn is very good with drafting. I’m not going to cry if they go TE in round 3. (which is where he got Golladay). Only if they do at 8 and pass up a huge defensive talent should they fall. We already f’d up once taking the TE instead of the disruptive DT.

I really couldn’t take it if they did it again.

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I dont think we would go TE at #8, i still believe we go with a defender, but you never know.

I wouldnt be surprised at all if we target a TE at #43, though.

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