I’d hate to bring this up again, but

…has this team given up? We all thought that talk was too early in light of some surprise wins, but during the local broadcast, Lomas Brown even said it looked like they had quit in the second half.

Just seems like a listless bunch that doesn’t much care for how they’re coached. Can’t imagine the trade of Tate helped matters …


It absolutely looked to me like this O-Line failed to compete. That’s really not acceptable, considering how it leaves your teammates (mostly Stafford) in harm’s way. But I can’t think of another explanation for this group to be beaten as badly as they were.

If that’s the case I don’t buy it. You’re professional athletes getting paid a hell of a lot of money. Leave your emotions at the door and do your job.

If you don’t like the way you’re being coaches, tough. You didn’t win anything before to earn any respect so how can you be shocked that things are different now.

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Not that it matters but 2 of those sacks are on the RB blitz pickup.

In the long run, mailing it in will only cost them.
What team is going to pay a turnstyle?

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I personally think it could be due to the message Quinn sent them this past week.

If the GM is putting next year as a priority over this year, why shouldn’t the players have the same mindset.


Great point.


Makes sense.

I am right there with you Nate. I was really hoping it was adjusments to the scheme but at this point I am afraid it is the coaching. These guys just look ill prepared and un-motivated. I cannot find much about the team this year that is better than last year but a lot that is worse. You can usually tell fairly quickly if a HC has it. I am not sure MP does.

They must have gotten word of the trade last Saturday, because they were out-performed at every level last week v Seattle, too.


IF memory serves me right, Mike Zimmer started his Viking Coaching career with 6 wins. Not exactly setting the world on fire. I’m not making excuses for MP, but there are a lot of new players, coaches and scheme. I’d like to see us finish the year on an upward trend and see what another year, some added FA’s, a good draft and another year in the scheme before executing MP.
I was hoping for a decent year, but I had my doubts with all the changes MP brought into D town. I will continue being a fan and hope for the best. Bill Belichick had a rough start in Cleveland too.

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So, what you’re saying is…
Wait till next year?
I hate this team!

Couldn’t have worded it better

So, what you’re saying is…
Wait till next year?

What choice do we have? I’ve been a die hard since the days of Greg Landry and Steve Owens. I will die a Lions fan, I just want to see a SB before that day comes!

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Those are my early years, too…how can we be where we are after all these years? Defies all known logic…

I’m still here. Been following this team actively for 51 seasons, now.
Don’t ask me to like this shit!

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I’m with you. Been a fan for 40+yrs. Each year gets harder. I’ll never stop (I know cuz I’ve tried) but just because I bleed Lions by no means do I have to like this crap at all. It’s getting embarrassing

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What I struggle with is shouldn’t the Lions have at least accidentally found success since 1993? You’d almost have to try to be as inept as they’ve been …

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One would think… But yet here we are

What bugs me is that under Caldwell the team was competitive and fought hard. Rarely did you feel the team quit on its coach. I always felt that Caldwells Teams just lacked talent.

Under Patricia there’s been a few games where the effort didn’t seem 100%. I’m not sure this team is completely behind him.

This team lacks more talent now than they had in 2014. So I’m willing to wait a year before I judge but I don’t have that new car feeling that’s for sure.

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