I didn't want Parsons

Yeah, I never wanted him. Not as a top-10 player. I have zero buyer’s remorse on Sewell, but dog gone it would be nice to have a defender like him. He’s playing like Flowers is paid.


Exact same here. I wanted nothing to do with him.

I was dead wrong.

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I did want him, though I was OK with Sewell.


He was in a group of guys I was good with at 7. I had no idea he was going to be this good this fast!

He’s like Amon-Ra in terms of his work ethic but he’s more gifted.

At least we got a bigHock…mor wepunz!

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Still prefer Sewell

Yeah Parsons is playing better than I thought he would. Sewell is going to be a beast for a long time though. Parsons is playing with a lot of talent around him though. Not sure he would have the same impact on the island of misfit toys a.k.a. the Detroit Lions.


I like how the Cowboys use him as a pass rusher on 3rd downs. He was a DE in high school. He’s talented, no doubt.

Sewell looks like a home run and will probably be around a long time I am happy with the pick but man we really do need some good lbs


Parsons is a monster and already the leader of the Defense. I think everyone knew I wanted to pick him over Sewell, but I’m not unhappy we have Sewell


I have zero doubt Parsons would be nowhere near as effective in Detroit as he is in Dallas.


We had a thread of which player we think we’d most end up regretting not taking. My two were Parsons and Smith, I know a lot of others here really liked Parsons as well.

I would still take Sewell over him in a redraft but damn it would have been nice to have a pillar on offense and defense to build around. That alone makes me wonder if the Panthers package was the better one despite having two other higher picks in the Rams package.

It was a tough choice to me because an impact defender like Parsons was a bigger need for the team. Sewell is going to be dominant force at a premium position for at least a decade though. He just turned 21, and already plays like a seasoned pro most of the time. He didn’t even play football for a year until after the Lions drafted him. Think about how impossible to get by he will be after he has a couple of seasons under his belt.

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@Air2theThrown is the guy I remember pounding the table the most for him. I didn’t like him saying that Penn State “got out-coached” in an interview another ex-player did with him while he sat out. I also don’t like the positional value of an off-ball linebacker (high in the draft).

Which reminds me of another thread where it was discussed whether he was on-the-ball or off. I guess it’s both. :slight_smile:

This is definitely not one of my better scouting efforts. LOL

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2nd sack of the game and “leads all rookies”.


Him, Chase, and Smith is what I wanted. Knowing Decker just signed extension, I didn’t think a RT was a big need.

There is a Sewell RT in high school joke there, I’m just not motivated right now.

Cowboys are using him as a pass rusher a lot because of all the injuries they have had to their D-ends. He might actually be best as a full time pass rusher.

I wanted Parsons before it became evident Sewell might and then was available. No problem with the Sewell pick. Parsons looks great so far.

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