I don't think Branch will be the pick

Yeah, I definitely think we’re looking at more of a SS type, and those guys can generally be had later.

Minkah was graded as a corner, Branch was graded as a safety.

204 is a good sized corner, 190 is a really undersized safety.

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Ah, good point. Here’s what they would both look like as strong safeties (can only choose strong or free):

Here’s how they would compare as free safeties:

And here’s what they’d look like as corners:

And remember, Minkah’s doesn’t include his 6.73 3-cone time or his 4.13 shuttle, both of which would be elite/very good for all 3 positions and raise his score. We’ll see if Branch does the agility drills at his pro day this week.

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Branch has never shown the kind of playmaking that Minkah did


Not the playmaker type just a steady consistent guy that’s gonna be at the right place at the right time all the time and make the play.

As I’m typing this, sounds like a guy that Bill Belicheck will draft so we might not even have to worry about him being available at 18?

good catch