I know Many Like Kancey I don't But Have a WHY Question

Now is he good i will say yes but will he make a solid pro I am not so sure.
My question is why media an talking head all over him an yet ignore an Player who is like is clone except faster .You can check the physical stats Adebawore is physically same an faster.
He played at Northwestern yet many even on here all excited by Kancey an have little to say about AA The only difference i see is AA is listed as Edge an Kancey is listed as DT…I look at Vids an they both move around on DL…I just would like to know what I am missing Since I wouldn’t draft either one oh an AA arms a more than couple inches longer. If a team is drafting a rush DL then yes either would be ok but the one everyone is excited about will get stopped by pro Guards often.

What am I missing???

The Donald Comp.


Stop that is not even close a that still doesn’t answer my question they are like twins.

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is he a DT ? asking bc i haven’t even looked at him…

AA is listed as Edge an Kancey is listed as DT yet the physically are same size an AA is faster. They both moved along the DL Even the write ups say both could be 3 tech DT’s

I am starting to think Kancey has become the media player an AA is being ignored for really no reason. I do know Lions have talked to AA

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Is Kancey just a squattier version of Paschal?

Asking for a friend…


like to get Mazi Smith or Siaki Ika .


If he is so is AA So you still have not answered question. Also AA is faster i mean by a lot an hd arms are longer also Kancey has short arms an some may say it doesn’t matter it does when OGs can get a hold of you before you can land a punch

Yes he is.

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I was just responding toward the topic title. In which in my roundabout way, agree with you.

But in response to your question, its just the time of the year. People are just throwing crap against the wall and sees what sticks. I just see it as parties jockeying for position and rarely take these things to heart.

I trust Holmes & Co.


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I know an I just don’t see why the media mainly an many on local media like Kancey an have honestly ignored a player who is same an played in big ten conference an is faster . I am not saying AA is that much better I want to see why Kancey is better I don’t see It.

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A) The Donald comp is the reason why

B) Holmes infatuation to find the inside juice

C) Holmes/ Donald connection. Donald/Kancey connection

D) His entire career has been at interior disruptor. AA is a position convert like a Corey Redding

E) Kancey with his elite all American season . AA honorable mention big 10. Big difference

That’s the reasons why for Kancey. Whether you agree like it or not.

Now as others have stated @Wenotme
It’s not very likely that Kancey or AA end up being great players at the next level if you ask me.

My preference would obviously be Carter.

But in a draft like this where’s not much elite level talent and the mid round 1 talent looks murky… it’s a role the dice option, fills the need, and could be a home run at a position our GM covets.

Its more realistic to think Kancey and AA aren’t that great next level…but if you do pass on him and he’s the dude…

Then that’s tough to overcome.


wait one played in Pitt the other Northwestern an since Pitt is Donald school he gets awards an is better OK got it Its BS

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All American from same school as Donald and who Donald has influence over vs an honorable mention big 10 guy that had a good senior bowl week at a new position he’s learning.

Very simple

I think the media and some others don’t see why you love Benito Jones so much.

And alot people like AA over Kancey. I don’t like particular either in the 1st but I like both in the 2nd. I would probably take Tomi , Mazi Smith and Benton before Kancey.


I think Kancey is a very natural pass rusher, He understands leverage and is very agile in his lateral movements to get through a gap. His game works with a G retreating into a pass blocking stance. If the G is firing off the line Kancey does not have the arm length to keep them off his body and just gets swallowed up. His body looks nothing like AA. It looks like he has a lot of bad weight around his mid section.

On the other hand I think AA is more of a manufactured player. He is very stout at the point of attack and he is a chiseled rocked up 280. He is much more a straight line player that gets by with brute strength and straight line speed. He has been good at setting an edge or a straight bull rush that usually don’t get home. I think he will be better with a move inside where he can just push the pocket with his bull rush. My concern with AA is that his body looks maxed out and will not be able to add any more weight. That’s how I see the 2 of them.


Keondre Coburn is pretty stout to, he’s 6’2 340 Texas.

thanks what you posted i can see an understand. I wouldn’t draft either one but if I did it would be AA an have him as 3 tech.
He is a lot faster than Kancey I think he is a media hype choice am just more a Pass Rush down player. The Media is getting hung up I also think, in one is listed DT other Edge . Since Donald is a DT media ran with Kancey

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Jones has won a roster spot so far an the HC knows who he is an saw his improved play even if some fans can’t LOL