I’m a AG supporter but …

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I have serious doubts… but this defense is loaded with top picks now.

AG… it’s now or never.


Barring crazy injuries this should be a top 8ish defense in terms of DVOA.


I support AG getting a head coaching position and gifting us a comp pick.


Means to an end

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We have been saying that for years and i actually have been a major AG supporter. Major. Everyone wanted him fired and I said he didnt have what he needed to make it work. However, a good coach makes a system that will work with the players he has.

I was giving the benefit of the doubt because I like AG a lot and understand the NFL and their refs in todays game, but…

The off-season moves for us are all defense…so…

It is time. No more. Its time. You have to show us.

Ray Lewis Ravens Time. No points to the opponents.

It ls Tony Dungy Tampa 2 time. Yeah, Ronde Barber, Sapp, Brooks?

Its time.

Zero points.

Thats what our opponent will score.

Good luck.


no we will get scored on. The Chicago Bears just got stronger, The Vikes did to-I think The Bears biggest issue will be a brand spanking new OC.

This is the NFL and the rules have been skewed to allow more scoring.
The defense will give up points. The Lions still don’t have elite cb’s or pass rushers besides Hutch.
AG has to continue to stop the run, be top half in total defense, create turnovers, and make stops in crunch time.
The offense will still be the strength of the team.


I do not agree but time will tell. The idea that this is a video game and you just plug in players and get results is just so far from reality. I think the Bears just took a step back. They now have a rookie QB and did not bolster a marginal Oline when they had the chance. And they added a 3rd WR like they are a player away. They needed to go OT right then and there. You want a great passing attack? Have a top 5 Oline not a top 5 WR group. Anyway, I love it. As long as the Bears have dumbasses running their draft the Lions are fine. Now I would agree that the Minny squad could be an issue. Their coach seems pretty bright. But again a rookie QB in this league does not fair too well. So I think at least for next season it will be GB and the Lions at the top of the North.

I will say it right now. The Lions go 3-1 or 4-0 against Minny and the Bears next season. Likely worse case in the North 4-2 IMO.

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the packers. honestly they’re right there with winning the division with us.

I sure don’t see that, Hutch was the only guy to get any type of pressure the first 1/2 of the season and then got a little help from Big Mac. Everyone else was terrible. We did very little to address this may of actually got worse. We got better at CB but I hope these guys can cover for 7 secs. Because I see QB having all day to find a WR.

Top 12 defense with this talent or move on. No more excuses.

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Nope not with out a pass rush. And we will struggle with that with this roster.

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How anyone can think AG isn’t BRILLIANT is beyond me.

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Let me preface by saying I like AG as a person. I’ve met him and talked to him. He is super nice and intelligent.

However you just can’t deny the fact his defenses have underperformed its talent level. When Campbell became HC we had about the same amount of talent on Defense as we did on offense. Since then we’ve drafted more defense than offense in the first 4 rounds. We’ve signed bigger free agents on defense than offense. The defense should be better than it is…… The difference is that the offense has continued to develop players and hit on more of their picks. Are those hits more coaching related?

I think fans forget that AG’s defense has been evolving. We started with 3 down linemen and a ton of two high zone in 2021. We are now predominantly 4 down linemen, ton of man, more single high and
mod style of defenses.

I think the fact that we put our CB’s in man without safety help over the top makes AG’s defense look far worse than it is. I’m going to make that statement in bold because this is the root of it all if you ask me. But I think this also has hurt his defense from having an identity.

AG’s defense is by design going to give up yards. He puts his CB’s in positions that opposing QB’s will be able to take advantage of them. His defense is designed to stop the run and big play. But to give up yards.

Bottom line is …. He needs a pass rush and stellar CB play in order for his defense to be top 10. Otherwise it’s going to give up yards and points.

My biggest concern is that really good QB’s are going to score on this defense. They will pick this scheme apart and force us into a shootout. Maybe the Lions feel they can win most of those situations but it could cost you your season too.

How AG approaches this season will be what gives this defense its identity. But AG’s defense needs to start living up to its talent level.

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I can remember typing that last year.
For awhile, it looked like you were shaving your head.
He did enough to keep his job.
But now, we’ve gotta be top 10 at least.

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AG has already proven he’s the guy the to me. Despite having no talent at CB our defense improved as the year went on. He made lots of pivots to try and mask our deficiencies and not all of them worked but by the end of the season he was getting the most out of what we had to work with.

I don’t think he’s on hot seat because I know he’s going to kick butt with the new pieces he has.

It takes a few games for defenses with this much turnover to gel, but after that we are going to see something special.


For the 4th year in a row, we will be near the bottom of the league in spending on our defense, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good witch hunt.


We had Decker, Ragnow, Jackson, Swift, Hock and Goff on offense. There was nothing on defense, the ghost of Trey Flowers and a one-year wonder in Romeo Okwara were the two best defensive players this regime inherited.

Is it AG’s fault that Levi hasn’t been healthy or that Bro Mart is a project? Is it AG’s fault that Paschal hasn’t lived up to his draft stock? Is it AG’s fault that Sutton is not a top cover corner?

Top 3 at their position - Sewell, St Brown, Ragnow, LaPorta
Top 10 at their position - Decker, Goff, Gibbs, Montgomery, Zeitler

Top 3 at their position - none
Top 10 at their position - Hutchinson, Anzalone, Branch, Reader

The level of talent on defense is nowhere close to where it is on offense. From the perspective of evaluating AG, it doesn’t matter what resources were spent, it matters what we got out of them. If Barnes and St Brown’s careers were swapped then we probably don’t draft Jack Campbell and probably do draft another WR.

AG has been forced to start guys like Charles Harris, Malcolm Rodriguez and Kindle Vildor, its not reasonable to expect greatness when there’s a lot of below par players playing a lot of snaps.