I’m on Record… -7 to 10 wins relax

Den Brothers,

Desmond Ridder throwing for 45% completions and running wild against our 4th string, a guy who we all want cut fumbling a snap, banged up guys missing practice banged up, nor the Colts 12ft tall WRs and TEs beating our CBs in practice drills changes my outlook or prediction one molecule.

Same would be said if we hear Atlanta by 10, had everyone supposedly healthy, and dominated the Colts practice yesterday…. I would be preaching a 12 win season with a deep playoff run-

We finished 3-5-1 overall last year, and 3-2-1 with Goff starting, but I’d call it 2-2-1 given Green Bay’s effort.

We added Hutch, Chark, Elliott, AO, M Rod, Ragnow, Hock a week one starters we didn’t have during all or most of that run. That’s 33% of our week lineup that is factually better than our weeks 14-18 lineup. AT LEAST!

Eventually adding Jamo, Paschal, and Romeo can only help even more….

So early ther every NFL got better, our coaches got way worse, or we will easily stack up better this year regardless of how we perceive what we are seeing right now.

I am not expecting 1,000-1,000 from Swift. I’m not expecting 1,100 yards from Chark or Ra, nor 34 tds from Goff…. I’m not expecting 12 sacks from Hutch, or 5 picks from Okudah, or Brockers to be good again.

I’m expecting Ra to be as god as he finished regardless of stats.

I’m expecting Chark to play loot it’s a contract year, and like he did with Minshew.

I’m expecting 1,400-1,500 total yards from Swift.

I’m expecting Hutch to be better than Harris last year, and Harris to be better than Bryant.

I’m expecting 4,200 yards and 28 tds from Goff.

I’m expecting Levi and McNeill to be better, or I expect a guy like Taylor or Cominsky take Levi’s snaps.

I expect M Rod to be better than Barnes last year, and Barnes to be better than Barnes last year.

Given our bad breaks, tough schedule and the above, I’d bet heavy on 3-4 more wins easily.

I expect the Colts to be final 4 in thr AFC and if we played them week 1… I take Colts minus 6.5 just like I’d take the Eagles minus 6.5 right now.

We will still win 7 to 10 games and the losses will still hurt. That said there will be 7 to 10 of them and relating them to what we are week to week isn’t fair.

Stafford lost to 49ers twice, if not for Tart it could have been 3 times, BUT HE HAS A RING!!! Relax-


I’m on record for 6-8 wins.


Vegas has 6.5, and they know what they’re talking about more often than not, so I’m saying their final record is 7-10.


I’m in the 6-8 wins camp and that’s mainly because of an “easy” schedule and I think 8 might be pushing it. They essentially added draft picks to a 3 win team. It’s a nice foundation being built but this team is still a ways off from playoff contention.

Much like the Pistons, expect more pain and another high draft pick before they can expect bigger steps which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both teams are just way too young right now in leagues that are unforgiving to young players.


I agree, but your post hurt my brain trying to read it. You might wanna go back and fix all of the auto correct word change errors…

and the top 2 draft picks won’t participate in camp… which means their development for this year will limited… so I doubt they make that much of an impact until next year. We gained hutch… but lost Romeo, our best player on defense… and sadly, It seems like hes having a tough recovery from the achilles, which to be honest… could mean his career is over. So our defense could actually be worse than last year.

Overall, I think with Hard Knocks and excitement about our coaching staff… I think there is a lot of kool aid being drank in the media. This team roster wise, is pretty similar in talent to a Jets, Falcons, Panthers, Jags, Texans, Seahawks, etc. Our schedule is crazy easy… playing against most of those named teams and the bears twice… so we could get to 7-8 wins… but If we were playing a tough schedule like some teams… we’d probably be right around 3-5 again. My point is, if we win 7 games… maybe temper expectations for the next season until we see what actual talent gains we make in FA / Draft. It doesn’t automatically mean we are rocketing up.

7-8 wins is a successful season. Anything more should be a pleasant surprise. Anything less and questions start to creep in.


8 wins-IMO.

We didnt have Romeo last year… he was hurt the beginning of game 4



You just know we will tie a game for sure.

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We added a ton more than just draft picks. 1/2 of the guys that started last year will not be starting this year. Close to 1/2.

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Hutch isn’t participating in camp?

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Sorry I meant 2-3 jamo and paschal.

If Goff can lead a turn around to 10 or 11 wins

Has there ever been another qb to lead two
Franchises from a 3 or less with season to a 10 or 11 win in second season with team before ?

I think he lost a lot as a rookie with rams before winning second season

I’m not sure a 2 win “window” is all that telling about a coach.
We definitely want to see improvement in the W-L column… but the reality of the player acquisition strategy may impact the immediate results.

Zac Taylor went 6-25-1 in his first 2 years.

Then the Bengals finally had some cap space to add Trey Hendrickson, Ogunjobi, Hilton, and Owuzie as UFAs…
plus another draft class highlighted by Chase… and they finally had a roster that could compete.


OL is by far the biggest deal, and biggest upgrade from last year.
What that means…
-Fullly funcitional Goff
-Better rushing attack
-New additions of Chark and Jamo will be hitting hard on plays that will now have time to develop
-Underneath valves of Hoch, Swift, and Ra are far more open.

Also a big deal…
-upgrades of Elliot and Kerby
-developed and expanded CB talent from last year (got some valuable reps), as well as adding Okudah into the mix. I think he’s gonna be at least a solid starter, maybe more (fingers crossed)
-Hutch will be better than any pass rusher on the roster from last year.
-Scheme will matter a ton, as well
-McNeil has another year of experience, and should be stronger
-LBs are not fantastic, but upgraded with room to grow. This year, LBs will develop, Rodrigo solidifies himself as a nice starter and an energy guy, while the others figure out who backs up the guy we draft next year? Maybe someone emerges from that pack, but I have my doubts. Floor for me is that Rodrigo/Anal.zone are good enough behind the right DL, and we can upgrade from there…translation…

Just questions man…not pitchforks! Lol


With me, it usually comes down to 1 of 3 things…

  1. Handsomeness/Baldness (synonyms are great)
  2. Jack Fox
  3. That’s what she said

This is like a poster’s version of a great OL and run game…the “go to” stuff!

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Your go to stuff now doubt :joy: