I think Chase Young will be there at 3

The Skins have to be looking at OT Andrew Thomas and seeing their LT for the next decade.

According to PFT, Del Rio will be switching the Skins back to a 4-3 and they’ve already got Montez Sweat, who had a nice rookie year as a pass rusher and looks like your prototypical RDE. 4.41 speed, 6’6" and 260 lbs. I mean, who knows, it’s still the Skins, but Young is basically the identical player in a 4-3. So why not get their Trent Williams replacement and get Haskins’ LT for the next 10 years?

The question then becomes, is Young a true fit for the Lions D? Because with what they’re paying Flowers, it doesn’t make much sense to move him to Okwara’s spot. Chase Young would have to be an OLB/Edge in Detroit. I believe he can play both those roles and at a very high level. He could finally bring that pass rush threat this D is missing.

I know some don’t like the idea of Young spending a lot of time at OLB, but that would seem to be where he’d be starting if he is drafted by the Lions. I think he could be great there, in coverage and as a pass rusher, even as a QB spy.

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Not with Ron Rivera in as the new head coach. He’s a defensive guy who will not pass on the best defensive player in the draft.


I don’t pretend to be an Xs and Os genius but if chase young is available you find a spot for him to be successful. We desperately need more guys that can just make plays and would be nuts to pass on him.

I am convinced that Dline is the most important position group on the team and we absolutely sucked there.

SF already had a lot of draft capital at dline and still took bosa which took them from good to great.


How many LTs hit free agency? Have you seen what’s available next year? Hot garbage.

There’s a reason good LTs don’t hit free agency. Teams don’t let them go. And you’ve got your QB of the future going into his second year and no stud LT. And, like I said, they’ve already invested in a virtually identical player and hit on the pick with Sweat.

Just because a HC comes from the defensive side, doesn’t mean they’re going to horde resources there. I guess we’ll see.


Hence, why we’ll hang on to Decker.


agree. I’m not happy with Decker but they have too many needs at important positions to fill. They can worry about LT in 2021.

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Man I hope you’re right. There is some logic there, but Chase Young May be too much to pass up on. Maybe they will find a serviceable LT in a trade or free agency, though I know that is rare.

I sure hope you are right, but I am setting in with Derrick Brown as the likely pick. Sounds like he is good.

I have been thinking the same thing. Washington has some young WRs and a young QB. They have a few fine interior OL guys but the Trent Williams situation is awful (saying he will never play for the Redskins) and now they have Donald Penn there. They also have a third round 2018 guy (Geron Christian) and 36 year old Donald Penn. Drafyting a top rookie LOT also enables the 'Skins to use Trent as trade bait knowing they will be able to draft their guy and still trade Williams.

I don’t think Chase to the Redskins is a slam dunk at all.

On defense they have M. Sweat (7 sacks as a rookie) and Ryan Kerrigan. Ryan will be 32 but he still has NFL game…not that one would pass up Chase Young because you have Kerrigan but because you have M. Sweat AND Kerrigan now and no true talented LOT on the roster.

Now…the 'Skins also have a young talented player in Matt Ioannidis. Matt is 6’3" and 310ish pounds and has a new contract as of 2019 too. Matt had 8.5 sacks in 2019. Hell, the Redskins were 10th in sacks in the NFL as is…without Chase!

Now…here is the real kicker. If this LOT Andrew Thomas is that good the Giants are sitting at #4 and their tackle situation is also not great. They signed Nate Solder and they have Mike Remmers on an expired deal. The 'Skins cannot afford to trade back past the Giants.

Yea, I think there is a real shot the Redskins choose to protect their young QB. If they don’t the Giants will.

I wonder if his vanishing act in the Fiesta bowl has taken some of the shine from his luster

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He needs a QB. Keenan is not the guy.

They drafted Haskins in the first last year.

Skins hiring Riveria leads me to believe they will draft the best defensive player they can. Could be wrong.

In 2002 del rio was hired by the panthers and they drafted peppers #2 overall.

In 2011 del rio was hired by the broncos and they drafted von Miller #2 overall.

In 2020 del rio is hired by the redskins and they draft chase young #2 overall.

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Kerrigan is almost certainly getting cut. If they draft Young either Ioniddis or Allen are expendable as they don’t need both plus Payne.

They just resigned Ioniddis so he’s at 7m per season. I’d love to trade for Allen and sign Kerrigan once he’s cut (if the medical checks out.)

To be honest I think they’ll trade down with a QB hungry team and move Allen to DE.

And the Cardinals drafted Rosen in the first, as well. How did that work out? New Coach, new GM, new priorities.

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Haskins is not Rosen. He has shown progress. There will also not be a QB of Kyler Murray’s ilk available at #2 for them unless they trade up for Burrow. Dont see it happening.

The Redskins aren’t going to draft a Quarterback at 2. A quarterback might get taken at 2 but it won’t be by the Skins.

The current Redskins defense was 10th in sacks in 2019. The Redskins were also 27th in points allowed so yea, the best defensive player SHOULD be in their want list. The 'Skins were also 27th on yards allowed per game. But like the Lions their secondary was just terrible. They were 30th in passing TDs allowed but still just 18th in passing yards allowed. They allowed a higher QB rating than even the Lions in 2019 with a 102.5 which was 30th in the league.

The 'Skins are a bad football team with serious needs. They are not a great QB away from being solid (like the Colts b4 Luck).

If you are a Redskins fan I think they would want a trade down. Trade down and get maybe the best OT or CB available. Sacks were not an issue for the 2019 Skins yet they were still really bad. This is going to be a fun draft to watch!

What does it matter who falls to us when they’ll just get phantom hands to the face calls?

NFL fans are true marks. I myself was one of them – I get it.


I know you’re being funny, but in 100% honesty, I de-value DT’s because I know for a fact they will be held on every play in the playoffs. It’s great to have a Suh or McCoy or even a Donald, but when the playoffs roll around the OL gets away with a lot more shenanigans inside.