If for some reason Campbell is not the coach in 2022, who is?

I think it is a highly unlikely, but a necessary move for us to make to get rid of Dan Campbell either right now or after this season. I’d probably let him finish the year just so the locker room doesn’t get totally lost again, but I don’t think it’d make a difference.

Has any coach gone winless and be brought back the next season?

I don’t see how Sheila can logically justify bringing someone back who does that. Campbell might need a win to save his job.

But anyway. Who would the new coach hypothetically be? I would have to assume that Brad Holmes will still be here, along with Dorsey and all of his FO staff. We will be getting a new offensive coordinator and in this scenario a new HC, although I’d like to keep Glenn and Pleasant at all costs.

Marv Lewis

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Ted Lasso


I don’t care, I just may be finally done…

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I think the better question is what are the chances Campbell is fired or walks? Right now I’d put it at close to zero percent but not exactly zero percent. This roster will have a massive overhaul this off-season and will get some elite talent added in the draft and free agency. I’m pretty close to 100% Campbell isn’t the guy but unfortunately I don’t think we’ll really know until next season.

I’d put it at zero.

I’m not going to declare him a failure yet. We don’t have to. We know how this is going to work. He’s going to get another year. Perhaps there will be changes on his staff, perhaps there won’t. Either way, they’ll work another draft together and they’ll get another season together. I’m not wagering one way or another what might happen at the end of next year. I know what will happen this year… we’ll start working on the draft (which most fans have been for about 8 weeks already anyhow).


He will be the coach. No chance the Fords and Spielman give up on their handpicked guy this early.

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Jason Garrett.

Or the Campbell we actually meant to hire but dialed the wrong number.

Go ahead and laugh.

Ya’ll gonna tell me Dan is the better option …

Than Garrett? No.

I will tell you that I would take anyone that just got hired in this last coaching cycle over him. Except Dan obviously.

I’d actually take Dan Mullen as our HC instead of OC.

Whoever it is, we’ll all LOVE him at first. He’ll say all the right things. We’ll be really happy with his off-season moves and media scrums.
He’ll have a rocky first couple of games, but we’ll all give him a pass. Then by game 3 or 4, grumblings will begin. We’ll get blown out around week 6-7, and the “fire him” crowd will be out in droves. By Thanksgiving, most will agree that blowing it up and starting over is the right play. Same with 2023.

He’s not getting fired until after 2023 at the earliest

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I guarantee Matt Campbell is laughing it up in Iowa right now and thankful he turned down the 8-year, $68.5 million deal the Fords offered him (and then, when he turned it down, they leaked to the media that they never actually offered it).

Ehhh… I’m not going that far. I can accept he starts 2022, that’s it.

LOL…hire a fired OC at midseason for our next HC.
Garrett had a decent offense in NY and couldn’t get it done
Players hated him in Dallas as HC

If you’re complaining about the Campbell experience and then advocating for another 1st time HC, please close your laptop and come back when you’ve gathered your senses.


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Interesting Question that I do not know the answer to.

A winless coach doesn’t deserve to keep his job. I’d like to think Dan would take the Bobby Ross way out.

As for who we should hire?

I firmly believe this team needs a veteran HC. We
Could go after a retread like Marvin Lewis or Leslie Frazier.

But if we wanted a first time head coach Matt Eberflus and Brian Daboll could be a top candidates

Nobody wants to coach the lions. Why do you think we got Campbell. He was not our first choice. We can only hope Campbell can grow into the job.

Browns actually did bring back Hue Jackson after 0-16 just to fire him mid-season the next year.