If no Jalen Carter on the board, do we draft a DE and try to beef-up Paschal to play 3T?

Just a passing thought but if Carter is off the board and we have a chance to draft Will Anderson or Myles Murphy. Do we try to beef-up Paschal to play the 3-technique?
Carter is 6’3"-295lbs, Paschal is 6’3"-275lbs. Onwuzurike is 6’3"-295lbs.

Was just a thought. What do you think?
Or do we keep Paschal as a DE and rotate them?


Daaamn. I am not ready to entertain such thoughts.
So thankful to trust Brad.
I get all of your points and will have similar questions, if that situation arises.

Als0 - I’m ALL about trading up for Carter if that’s what needs to happen.


The more i think about it the less i like Anderson as a fit for us.

There was a point i loved the idea him opposite Hutch. Then the size hit me. He realistically would be doing what Houston does. He wouldn’t be a 3 down player he’d be a pass rush specialist. So I think id stick with Houston who is a straight monster in that role, and focus on Carter id considet a trade up, especially after fleecing Minny last yr, i trust Holmes to get a good deal to move up for him.

If they have a plan for Anderson that is beyond what im seeing and thinking, great. I just don’t see it


Ringo, Robinson, or Bresee. Any one of them would be huge.
My preference would be Bresee.
My guess is, Carter will somehow fall in our lap.

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Interesting thought, Paschal could probably add 15-20 pounds being that he is 6’3 and is basically solid muscle right now. He does have some experience playing the 3 tech in college as well. The biggest thing with Paschal is he needs to stay healthy though. He’s barely played this year, maybe 4 or 5 games, missed all of training camp. Not sure changing his position so soon would be good for his development. Interesting idea though.


Agreed! I don’t see anyone worthy of two high picks.
The drop off from Carter to Bresee isn’t the much.

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something I need to educate myself on.


Carter is the #1 DT. He’s ranked 2ish talent in the draft
Bresee is the #2 DT. He’s ranked the 9ish talent.

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I believe he tore his ACL last year right… how’s he looked since coming back from the knee surgery!?

The fact that he’s already torn his ACL probably means we’re drafting him. See Jamo and Mitchell. haha

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Yes he is. The consensus though us there’s a significant drop off from Young. Anderson. Carter to the rest. It’s the big 3 then the rest at this point.


Lol I wanted to mention Robinson but dare you say take a offensive player with that top pick. Seems like It would hurt a fews feelings.

But if Carter is gone he could very well be the best player on the board.

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I don’t think it would hurt my feelings, but if we drafted a RB in the top 5 of the draft, I might need to change my underwear. lol

He would be unstoppable behind our O-line, just not sure how long a RB will last. Holmes was in LA when they traded Gurley 10th overall.

This is the question I’ve been pondering. I don’t think moving Paschal inside is wise. At least on a permanent basis. He’s fine kicking inside on passing downs or on occasion.

I would imagine the Lions will be smart, as they’ve shown themselves to be smart the last couple of drafts, and weigh the magnitude of the player with the fit of the player and the fit on the team.

He’s pretty awesome, so its hard to simply dismiss drafting Anderson because of fit.

The other side of it is if other teams think he is awesome, then there could be a trade market for them too.


Everyone should prepare themselves. If we go BPA, it’s likely Robinson or maybe Ringo, depending on how the Rams do now that they have Mayfield.
Hell, Bresee may be BPA by the time we pick.

I keep seeing him dropping on a lot boards seen one yesterday were he drop into the 2nd Rd.

Robinson would realy put this offense over the top, and is a great player.

Good lord! I hope the Rams pick doesn’t drop that low!:grinning:

We also have Julian Okwara still who would become a depth player behind Houston in 2023. Nothing wrong with that.

Houston needs to play more and I agree Anderson would not do anything more than what Houston is already doing for us.

Give me Jalen Carter or Bryan Bresee for my $ early. Then get me a solid CB with our pick.


Anyone taking Breese in the top 10 is crazy. He will not be a top 10 pick I would bet anything

Was going to start a thread on this, but I found this already from December.

Should we convert Josh Paschal to DT like we did Corey Redding?

I say the answer is YES.

Hutch on one side, Cominsky/Houston combo on the other. This year we have the Okwaras to rotate, but even moving forward we can add depth there.

To the draft, if we add Jailen Carter I still like Pascal rotating in. If we add Kancey I still like Paschal rotating in there. If we add a NT like Mazi or Clark I still like Paschal rotating there.

Seems like we could go Nolan Smith, Tyree Wilson, FAU, etc on draft day…so adding depth inside is a must.

My player comp last year for Paschal was actually Cory Redding, so ironically we are in this position.

Signing Ashawn for run defense and full time converting Paschal immediately upgrades that group.

McNeil, Ashawn, Benito
Buggs, Paschall, D. Taylor