If you could trade for one position to put us over the top?

What would you choose?

Forget about trade value, etc. Assume you won’t take any current starters from the team.

Just improve massively at ONE spot.

And would that one trade make us a Super Bowl contender?

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#1 WR with sub 4.4 speed or a pass rushing DE stud on defense.

Gun to head…a stud DE.


Could Bryant turn into that?

Is Barry Sanders available?
Lawrence Taylor?
Eric Ebron? (Joking)

Great Question.

Our biggest needs are.

  1. Edge

  2. Bruising Power back.

  3. Wide receiver with the size and speed to separate.

  4. A ball hawking DB.

I think we need a difference maker on offense and Defense.

Brian Urlacher type LB. Cover like a safety, play the run.

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Some interesting names to think about:

Jalen Ramsey
AB (no trade just sign him)
Von Miller
AJ Green
Trent Williams

o-line help so that we don’t have to use first round TE’s and RB’s to help keep Stafford upright -ever.

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I think the next piece is a guy who can get qb pressure from our front 4.

We may have that guy already in D’shawn Hand. I’m excited to see what this defense can do with him and Daniels back.

Edge seems like the obvious choice but as much as I’ve wanted a flamethrower that doesn’t seem to be what MP is looking for.

So I’ll say a Cam Jordan/JJ Watt type of end. Can beat the double team and win with power, great hands, play all over the front, etc.

AJ Espenesa would be perfect but no way we’re picking high enough to grab him.

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I do think Hand can be the guy I just described though. Maybe not hire to their level but he can be elite if it all comes together. He’s got over the top god given talent

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I was thinking the same thing. Hand can be just the guy they need for interior pressure, plus Bryant when he comes back shortly, can maybe provide some outside.

Maybe the best position they could upgrade would be at LT, even though Decker is playing better since Arizona. You know, when I look across this team, they ain’t playing that bad anywhere except maybe the DL and that oughta get fixed when we get guys like Hand, Daniels, and Bryant back. I thought Daniels was out of shape due to his foot injury, and now that he’s got an injury to the other foot you gotta wonder how effective he will be when he hits the field again. How long will it be (if ever) before he hits his stride again.


Bryant’s okay. I don’t think he’ll ever be special and I think he’d be best in Kennard’s role. Hand is a monster.

I’m actually having a hard time thinking about this scenario… which is a good thing. I have to say I’d take a Quentin Nelson type at LG… That could change this team into a legit contender.


Farmer beat me to it, edge rusher and current player that seems logical- possible…VON MILLER


Lions can cut Miller in 2021 if need be with only $4 million dead cap. He would be a huge get for the Lions and not out of the realm of possibility.

Lions don’t need a CB. I would like to see them add a WR and RB.


I would give up our first and third next year for Miller without hesitation.

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If we did want an edge rusher I think we could get Vonn Miller rather cheaply.

2020 club option so no commitment past this year. Bradley Chubb is out for the year, Pat Bowlen died and his kids would probably be interested in saving money.

It’s an interesting thought.

Not positive about this but if they decline the club option I don’t think they get a draft pick. If so, more reason to move him perhaps