If You Had To Pick Three Players

If you had to pick three players who you absolutely do not want to see the Lions taking with their top 3 picks, who would those guys be? We are talking about guys that are generally top 50 guys in this draft, but potential reaches.

For me it goes

  1. Matt Corral
  2. Chris Olave
  3. Kyle Hamilton (at #2)
    Bonus: ANY OT or OG

I’m with you on Hamilton and olave. I’d be ok with them taking ridder or correll at 32 or 34. The other player I don’t want is Willis at 2.

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You kiss your mother with that mouth, bro?



I won’t be upset with anyone but these three give me a bad vibe for where they are slotted.


Like I said though, I’m not too concerned. Either they’ll pan out or they won’t.

Evan Neal
Jordan Davis

  1. Christian Watson - this one could blow up in my face with his pure athleticism but I wonder about his hands.

  2. Any offensive lineman.

  3. Any QB - I have a feeling we will pick one though.

I already put out my DND (Do Not Draft) in another thread, but sure I’ll post it again. This only applies to 2nd overall. I’d be fine with Hamilton at 32.

  1. Willis (Sorry BigNatty)
  2. Thibs
  3. Hamilton
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I like Olave a lot but I am very curious to see how he does in the pros. I feel like he is either going to be Devin Smith or Tyler Lockett. He torches man coverage and I think he’d be a great pairing with Goff.

LOL - You kiss your mother with that mouth, brother? Daaaamn!!!

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Walker (this presumes it’s at 2)
Raimann (having to fly Quantis would greatly complicate our travel to road games)

Amen. Gotta run and will think beyond that later.

I don’t want Walker at 2 either - huge reach. But he didn’t make my top 3.


Jordan Davis

First worse pick would be a QB an if it was a QB why take one who is not best? at 2 Why is for another post but I will post that Matt Corral is best QB in the class.

My 3 Picks would be
KT if the staff are ok with attitude I Like Walker but think staff will go with KT

Devonte Wyatt would be the second pick DT

Lewis Cine Safety would be pick 2nd rd

All 3 would start an improve are D big time with speed an size.

George Karlaftis
Trent McDuffie
Any OT not named Neal, Ekwonu, or Cross.

I’m going to confine my “don’t want” to those who have some hype for being drafted at #2 in order of loathing:

#1 Kyle Hamilton

#2 Evan Neal

#3 Jordan Davis

One of my biggest disappointments is how there are not really handsome dudes available. This is one of the uglier draft classes we have seen in years, like the late 80s Boston Celtics
D. Johnson
WTH? Those guys could have whipped some serious ass in an ugly competition. Having to play agains Isiah and Joe had to be bad for their egos.

In this draft we can go BLPA all we want…not even bald guys available in this draft.

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From one bald dude to another… it might be time to quit drawing attention to our greatness. Keep it on the lowdown. Otherwise ….

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