I'm thinking the Lions should pass on defense

In the first round at least. Will Anderson is the only guy I feel like is a worthy top 10 pick. Carter has issues, and his college production doesn’t match the value they’re giving him. He’s not Suh. Tyree Wilson is more about potential. i feel the same about Christian Gonzalez. i don’t think any of the cb’s are top 10 worthy. Witherspoon is undersized, and has not tested. Kancey is undersized. With a top10 pick, the hope is for that superstar who can start, and make an impact right away. I just don’t see it on defense this year. Unless it’s Anderson.

I think fans are reaching for need. I think a lot of teams will do that. I just think the smart move would be to draft smart. Draft BPA.

Whether anyone likes it or not, i think QB is in play. And it should be.

If the Lions came out of the first round with RB Bijan Robinson, and OG O’Cyrus Torrence I would say that’s a damn good first round. Maybe roll the dice on a deep CB class in the 2nd round, and a DT.


I think Torrence is a good mauler… but if reports are right about his slow feet I think it would make a weak link for the kind of offense we want t run. I’d rather hold off or develop someone later. I hate the idea of handicapping our scheme for one particular talent. Unless our scheme is only relying on the fact that we DONT have a guy like Torrence and plan on moving in a different direction all together.


If the Lions draft a RB at #6 and a OG at 18, I’m probably going to get alcohol poisoning.

I hate making a big investment in RB’s the value is never there. Drafting a 4th O-linemen in the 1st round would be criminal with how bad our D is.


I really like Bijan but I cannot wrap my head around an RB that high. 18 is still high but I could live with it I guess.

The question I ask is, if You know Bijan is as good as Saquon, do you take him? I still say no :man_shrugging:t2:

Interesting that Tyree is “more about potential.” He’s got solid college production, ideal length and size, good film… if you don’t like a guy you can say it, but I think incorrectly labeling him because you want a RB is a bit misleading

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I’m thinking the Lions should pass on defense

AG getting jealous of Ben saying “if you can pass like that on offense then we are gonna pass like that on defense” DC just getting more and more creative :rofl:

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I normally would agree with this, but I don’t see top talent on defense in the top 10. Honestly, maybe not even in the first round. I see boom or bust. Bijan WILL go in the 1st round, and I would not doubt it if he went in the top 10. He’s an elite prospect, also as a receiver. He would be amazing on this team. Plus, we dont know about JW, and Swift. He also worships Barry Sanders. You gotta love that.

Drafting OL early would complete this already great OL for years.

Trading down (if possible) would be ideal.

I dont have confidence in this years defensive class. I prefer they draft the surest players. 2nd round picks are no slouches. We can go CB, and DT in the 2nd. Then grab LB in 3rd.

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Thats not true at all. And i’m not incorrectly labeling him. Dont assume or put words in my mouth. I dont want a RB. I want defense. I just dont see any worth it. Only Anderson.

Unless he is as good as Barry Sanders, I’m not taking him at 6.


I really don’t think they go running back. The difference between Bijan and a guy in second or 3rd or so small, it’s not even worth it man. It’s a historically deep class. Take that and Holmes concerns about value and I just don’t think it is going to happen.

QB is in play. It just is. If you don’t think so, fine. Don’t think so. Doesn’t mean the Lions will take a QB, but it doesn’t mean they won’t.

WR is in play. You could see a WR taken in the first round. Widen your scope of thought…the two deepest position groups in the draft are RB and CB. The lions could very easily focus on QB, OL, WR shallower position groups and hit the deeper ones later.

If the right DE is there at 6, DE could be in play. The NFL sees Wilson and Anderson very similarly.

Just be open to options and think outside the box. Think less NEED and think more BPA.


I completely understand everyone not wanting RB at 6. I would hope for a trade back, but think about it. Dude has Marshall Faulk comparisons. It cant be denied how much good he can do for this team. Is there a defensive player that matches that? Or are we reaching just cause we need more defensive help?

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Don’t put words in your mouth? Your exact quote was “Tyree Wilson is more about potential” which is what I said. Weird thread when you quote someone’s exact statements and they call it putting words in their mouth.

Instead of being defensive, can you back up your statement about why Tyree “is more about potential?”

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@Motorcitymaniac on draft night!!

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This is what my post is all about. There is nothing more I want than this team having an elite defense. I hated the Jamo pick because I wanted Davis. But do we reach for need or go BPA? This is why im so hesitant about defense in the 1st round. The prospects worry me.

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I have to say I REALLY like Kelee Ringo, Antonio Johnson, and Mekhi Garner.

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This is putting words in my mouth. saying that I’m knocking Wilson just because I want a RB. And its a lie. Read your own words. As i said, I want defense. Not a RB. I just don’t trust these projected top 10 players.

No one is incorrectly labeling anyone. And what you’re asking of me to provide is impossible. It’s all based on opinion. i may think Bijan is worthy of a top 10 pick. You may not. I might think Porter is better than Witherspoon. You may not. The best i can do is tell u to do research. Draft analyst’s mostly agree this is a weak top 10. Wilson has never been projected as some can’t miss player. Agree or disagree. thats your opinion. relax yourself.

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It’s impossible to say why you think Tyree is all about potential? Ok I tried to have a conversation at least lol

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I answered your question dude. It’s based on opinion. and the research I did. He’s never been projected as some can’t miss player. What makes him appealing is his size, length, and athleticism. he has good tape, but nothing incredible that justifies IN MY OPINON a sure top 6 pick. Good job at dodging. Peace back at ya.

I see your point @Luke

Wilson put up 27.5 TFLs and 14 sacks in the past 2 years…
numbers Travon Walker couldn’t sniff last year.


That was literally my exact point. The guy has put up production. He steadily improved, I mean he was a 2nd team all American last year. Saying it’s all about potential with him doesn’t add up. When I asked OP to defend that position I got a response that he did “research.” Ok….