I'm thinking the Lions should pass on defense

Haha that cracked me up… the Panthers game was also historically bad. They did at least start creating some turnovers in the 2nd half of the season. That was a positive change. Kerby and Hutch for example had 7 ints all in the second half of the season. And Da Problem really helped the pass rush

Massive addition

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if you all knew me, you all would know that there’s nothing more in life I want than an elite defense. The 49’ers signed Hargrave to that already top notch defense. like dang. I be like gahhhh! And i firmly believe a top DT is the #1 need for this team that would improve the defense drastically. I feel like I scream for a DT every year.

The problem here isn’t about choosing offense over defense. We all know we need defense. My problem is that I think it’s a weak 1st round defense class.

Bijan could be that 1,500+ yard guy plus he is just as good at WR. He’s an elite talent, especially for this team. Completing this OL for years to come is mouth watering.

We have 2 second round picks. We can draft defense there.

I want defense, but the 1st round players seem weak to me. So I’m wondering if going offense is smarter.

Houston and Cominsky is what really changed things for the Lions. But the secondary was even worse in the 2nd half of the season. I still think the coaching sucks. Change my mind.


I’ve got concerns too, I was very pleased to add John Fox, that should really help AG. Fox has lead several top 10 defenses.


I’ll try my best to forget about his tenure with the Bears. That was brutal and awful.

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I like 73 targets for 388 yards from Sutton.

Better than 56 targets for 528 yards from Hughes

Or 50 targets for 488 for AO

Yea the defense wasn’t the issue in Chicago. He just never had a QB, those offenses were just terrible. 7 different starting QB’s in 3 seasons. One thing with the Bears is they can never find a QB, still can’t! haha

We need a “I’ll drink to that” emoji added.

I think if Dan Campbell did t roll the dice as much as he did the Lions make the playoffs inspire of how bad the defense was

The title of this thread is looking more and more realistic based on the Lions free agency so far.

8 moves have made by my count for the defense…

Cominsky, Sutton, Buggs, Moseley, Will Harris, Anazlone, Moore, restructured Charles Harris meaning he returns.

The offense has added Glasgow and Monty. And brought back Nelson.

Drafting offense early is looking more and more possible IMO

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I’m really starting to think Quentin Johnson at 6 and the Alabama RB at 18

IF our staff really drafted defensive skill and power, I’d be the first one to say we could go to a bowl in quick fashion, if they sort of stand pat -this draft? I have my doubts especially how injuries seem to bite us in the ass ala last season.

They’re stacked at DE/edge, are now stacked at CB, and signed DMont. The value is still there for DE/edge, but it’s a little bit of a luxury. The obvious choice is DT. But this is a super weak DT class.

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I think our CB additions are as much for 2024 as 2023.

6 CBs -
El Jefe

4 safeties -

I still love the idea of adding two CBs in this class but the roster math is tricky. One strategy I’ve brought up over and over again is drafting Garrett Williams and using his injury as an excuse to stash him. This would allow us to two CBS out of this banner class. To be honest given the fact that our longer CBs are going to be FAs next year guys like Rush and Brents make a ton of sense.

At safety I think we need some size. Maybe someone like Daniel Scott. He’s not a traditional jumper but he’s a good athlete with a bigger frame and will slide to us on day 3
Bc he’s 25.

Marte Mapu works out on 3/31. Unfortunately he was a combine snub. He might be able to be both our small coverage LBer and thumper of a SS.

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