IMPORTANT—The Den Draft Party: Headcount Needed

Hi all,

OK, please take the time to read this.

I’m beginning to scope out possible venues for the 2024 NFL draft (evening of Thursday, April 25, 6 pm to around 1 am) to see if we can get a group together. Obviously, the more numbers we have, the bigger the space we’ll need so we can actually hang out. We can add a Day 2 & 3 as well—but you’re on your own during the day, and we can meet at the draft.

It appears the draft will be free, but registration required; otherwise, to my knowledge, fans can simply walk up, as it will be hosted between Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza.

To make this event a little extra special, I think it’d be fun to gather as many of us as possible, and also have available custom Den shirts with your username.

As I collect quotes for what this might cost, I first want to know how many of you would be actually interested in doing this. *To give you a sense of cost, I’m looking at anywhere between $150-$250 a head, all depending on numbers. Could be a bit higher/lower, but would include drinks, food, and a custom t-shirt.

The goal is to merely to cover costs and have a good time. If anyone has connections in downtown Detroit to help out with this, LMK asap.

If you’re interested in being included in the headcount (a separate RSVP post will follow), please let let me know below

  • Yes, I plan on joining
  • No, I can’t make this work
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My parents have had at least two years worth of a heads-up that I was going to do everything in my power to be in Detroit at this venue on April 25th. Exams are that next week but I could be back here by at least Saturday and finding time to study has never been an issue for me. I’ll have two days worth of driving to listen to study stuff.

Let’s just say I’m working on it.

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I’d like to, but don’t know what my health status will be. So wimpy ass answer, if I feel good at that time, I’m there.

I see you Nate…

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I’m like 90% in. The only hangup is that the end of the month can sometimes be pretty crazy for me. Looking at how the month falls though, I think I should be good.


Wifey Birthday in night 1 :frowning:


She’s had plenty of birthdays. Detroit hasn’t had plenty of drafts!


I am going to be there. 100%. Detroit is only 4 hours away from me.


Can’t really answer the poll yet. Gotta look into travel costs, hotels, etc. And then try to find someone to fill in for me for a few days.

So I’m a maybe.

Would like to meet some of u crazy Lions fans though someday. Even @Jman in the octagon :joy::joy:


Why so I can slap you through the wall like last Monday?

teases the man from uncle GIF

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sketchy bro. sketchy.

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I don’t want to commit and then bail out

Or say no then find out I’m available.

A real game time decision


Bring her, bro!!!

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wish I could do this … being in Oklahoma can suck for things like this

Dude really. Last Monday I barely slept. Only had 1 gallon of coffee. This time I’ll be more prepared. And it was Monday… lol

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X :100:
I am 75% in, I need to confirm I have someone to cover for me at work.

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Do they have Coach bag kiosks at the draft?

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Just tell her it is a surprise party for her birthday.

We will treat her very well. Flash mob, song, and dance committed specifically to her

It will be secretly recorded that she has it to refer back to the rest of her life

Take her to an amazing date that night
Initially looked like a night that was all about you, turned into a very special birthday for her… Where she got to meet some of the people in your life

We will put the guys that love long hair in charge of the choreography

I was thinking about movie and how he now does this series:

About recovery but way too much profanity in it… in my 21 yrs in recovery I’ve never been around that much cussing; overdone imho

But think about the parellels of his two characters :thinking::scream:

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