INSTANT TAKE: Not-Too-Early Draft Prediction Poll

Lions officially pick No. 2 in the draft.

As of today, who do you got?

  • Kayvon Thibodeaux
  • Hutch
  • Someone else
  • Trade

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I think Thibs and Hutch are pretty comparable and I’d be happy with either…but Hutch just comes across as a MCDC guy.


We either have the decision made for us or we get our pick.



It’s going to be Hutchinson.

I still think Jaguars take Thibodeaux. He’s a flashy player who can sell tickets.

Hutchinson is a home-state player who will sell tickets in Detroit. It’s a guarantee they go with him.

Side note, I think the Jags trade out of 1OA. Get a nice package to do it.

Hamilton for me. We can sign dline in the off-season

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It’d be nice if a team was dumb enough to throw a pick or two our way to move up, but that just isn’t this draft. Maybe Hamilton at No. 2. I’d forgive the Lions because of how shallow this draft is at the top.


I want a qb in the backfield. I won’t be mad if we take a DE.

I love Hamilton but safety isn’t a position I ever take at #2. Same with CB.

I think DE are going to be bust

Hags will take the ot.


Is this what we would do, or what we think the Lions will do?

Jags will likely take Hutchinson since he’s the best player in the draft. I could see them get stupid and take Neal. But I wouldn’t bet on it. In that case, we should take Pickett if no trade down is offered. All we had to do is lose this meaningless game. There comes a point where play to win, is play to stupid.

Best…lol. take the glasses off.

Just because I didn’t like you, that doesn’t mean I don’t like you… Because I do like you… I’m just out of Likes

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If he tests in the combine like they said in that athletic freak article, it won’t even be close.
36 vertical 4.64 forty, 6.54 3-cone, 14 sacks, dominated OSU. If he does that, you can forget it. It’s over.

I would like to know who the hell is going before that?

Like nobody.

He’s not the best. He’s still trying to get the syrup off of him after those pancakes last game. Heck he’s still looking chasing number 9 around.

He is the best. You have not named a player better. Go ahead and say Thibedeaux. I haven’t had a good laugh today.

Yet you would take a guy with 7 sacks on the year who was dominated by Utah in both games? When has a guy who didn’t produce in college go to the NFL and become a stud? I have no idea what people are watching to think Hutch is a homer pick and want Thibs. Actually blows my mind.