Interesting Lions player perspective in Matthew Berry's latest column

In Berry’s “10 lists of 10” column on, one of his lists includes anonymous player comparisons, blind resumes.

  1. Player A: 98 catches, 1,540 receiving yards, 1.8% drop rate and eight games with at least 17 (fantasy) points
    Player B: 96 catches, 1,661 receiving yards, 5.9% drop rate and seven games with at least 17 (fantasy) points

(Player A is’ Kenny Golladay’s first 26 career games. Player B is Calvin Johnson’s first 26 career games.)



I’m honestly not surprised. I feel like we haven’t seen his ceiling yet, either! Dude is very good. I’m always surprised when I see people complain about our starting receivers. I think they are damn good. I’m not entirely sold on the depth, but the starters are badass!

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I wonder how Golladay would have fared on the 2007 and 2008 teams… Just saying.

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Right… Big difference between Stafford throwing passes and Kitna


Big difference in playing in Mike Martz offense and Cooter’s too.


Kitna played 4 games in 2008. He got more targets from Orlovsky/Culpepper than any other QB in 2008. So let’s not dump too hard on Kitna in order to fluff Stafford…

Martz wasn’t OC in 2008. CJ got 150 targets in 2008 and more games played.

Martz was the OC in 07’, CJ’s rookie year, Linehan also had a pass-happier offense than Cooter had under Caldwell and Patricia.

Golladay had 167 targets in his first two years, CJ had 243.


Calvin was drafted in 2007

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Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G Ctch% Y/Tgt Rush Yds TD Lng Y/A Y/G A/G Touch Y/Tch YScm RRTD Fmb AV
2007 22 DET WR 81 15 10 93 48 756 15.8 4 4

Did I say he wasn’t drafted in 2007?

Yes, however, all of CJ’s targets did NOT come from Kitna. Are you saying they did?

And for some more facts, neither Martz, nor Linehan nor Cooter were the OC in 2008. Let’s also remember that 2008 was one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL, so bad we went 0-16.

I mean, I do like Golladay a lot. A lot. Nothing pleases me more that we found a high quality WR in the 3rd round.

I am just trying to make sure we don’t lose the true facts in generalities.

No, just pointing out that he had the majority of his passes thrown by Jon Kelly Kitna his first 2 years.

The way you wrote it, they were ALL from Kitna.

It’s pretty much half.

Give Golladay the 2008 OL, OC, and Dano/Culpepper for half his targets. Does he look as good? A simple yes or no answer will suffice.

I know you see this as an opportunity to fluff Stafford, but at least get the facts right.

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More like two thirds, but ya know, semantics… And Idk, possibly? He probably gets as many targets… CJ over doubled the next player’s targets that year.

2/3? Nope.

It’s not helping your case to misrepresent the facts.

20/32 games… That’s 62.5%… Are we going to argue semantics here? You’re claiming 50% and I’m claiming 66%…who’s misrepresenting facts again?



Look back at your post. You said “majority of his passes” and we’ve been discussing “targets”. Now it’s “games”?

That’s about as disingenuous a stat that brags about QBs getting to 10,000 yds in the fewest games when they have multiple years of the highest number of single season pass attempts (including the highest). But thingies were rubbed raw over that one…

I have no idea what this thread has devolved to. Can we all just agree that Golladay does not suck and be happy about it?


He is my second favorite Lion. I love his desire to win and toughness.