Interesting read on why all the resignings for the Lions in free agency

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Not saying i agree with it or disagree. I’m just hoping we get this team turned around and can be a consistent playoff contender.

I just quoted them in another thread.

“When you look beyond the top-38 contracts on the Lions roster, only six contracts have any guaranteed money attached and all are less than $85,000 in potential cap penalties. Some quick math tells you that nearly half the Lions’ contracts have zero guarantees.”


I’m totally on board with this approach and it’s what I expected right down the Kalif Raymond signing. Holmbell know the resigned players, how to use their strengths, how to minimize their weaknesses. They will be better players this year because of that familiarity. Good teams have continuity and build through the draft, instead of slamming free agency for a quick fix. The Ravens, Packers and Patriots (until last year) had success that way. We can too with the adults managing the joy stick and hiding the credit card from Nate.


? From Sheila?
I missed the meaning here

Nate was vocally frustrated about the Lions not making splash FA signings yesterday and couldn’t understand those of us–maybe just me?–who were happy with what he perceived to be the status quo. We’re just at the opposite ends of the spectrum on this matter.


I felt a lot better about it, after asking my buddy @DeadStroke a couple of questions. I didn’t realize we had so much “cap healing” to do still.


I’m thinking most of us don’t understand the details. I can be against a Raymond signing for 2.5 million, but since there are no details of guaranteed money, cap hits, dead cap if we release him, etc etc. I don’t really know how to feel about it. Hoping @DeadStroke can weigh in once we understand the details of all these re-signings.

The key is you have to draft very well and develop players.


I think there are still quite of a few of us here that need to see this from Holmes/Campbell before we can get on board with this thrift shopping approach to free agency. A lot of us have had faith in past regimes immediately after switches and we all know what the status quo for that has been.

Can Holmes’ & Campbell be the exception? Maybe. But a lot of us are done giving out free passes and immediately having blind faith in front offices and coaching staffs. I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with that. If Holmes & Co. can prove they consistently hit in drafts and develop players over the long term, I highly doubt many of us will care about the Macklemore roleplay happening during FA. (Granted there are other issues regarding to this approach in FA, 30m to Goff/20m in dead cap, etc, but the main point still holds true.)


Very understandable. It’s a big if. This is a huge draft for Holmes and Campbell. 5 picks in the top 100 could potentially turn this team around if you nail the picks. But, when you get Mike Williams, Okudah, and Ebron, it sets your franchise back big time. Hopefully Holmes is the real deal. His 1st draft showed some potential.

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Thanks for calling me out in a separate thread without mentioning me.

I even prefaced my thread with “Way too Early” take. Which you casually ignore. And I said I was merely disappointed. Literally used that exact wording. And I am.

Imagine a fan of the Detroit Lions vocalizing he’s disappointed in his favorite team’s lack of ambition. Revolutionary stuff, right?

And you do get that it’s more than just me that’s disappointed, right?
And you know that I mocked the Jaguars for their spending, right?
And you also understand that, like you, I’m just a fan with an opinion, right?

Hell, I’d argue I’m not on the opposite end, so even that isn’t a fair characterization.

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Yeah I mean the guys that he’s resigning all contributed in positive ways last year. That’s the way I looked at it with the exception of everyone’s favorite backup Tim Boyle.


To me it seems as if the Lions are trying to time being really cap healthy to when they become a playoff team. Right now spending on huge contracts for one or two huge players doesn’t make sense when you are a dozen players away. Get cap healthy, get some more talent via the draft and then spend big on true difference makers. The big element in this whole equation is Goff. I think next year and how Goff performs will really determine the direction of this franchise.

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You aren’t alone :joy::joy:

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Sorry if I “called you out”. Since I’ve offended you, I definitely apologize. That was not my intention.

Did I misstate the thrust of your thread, Way-Too-Early Take? Is it fair to say that we are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this matter? I thought you stated your frustration and position on the matter very clearly. You have a lot of support in that regard. So I used “hiding the credit card from Nate” as shorthand for my perspective. You’d probably like to pry the credit card from me.

We often seem to have different opinions, but it’s just that.

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Can’t we just stay in the middle somewhere? Who should we have thrown money at? I liked the Chark move said so before the start of FA, wanted him over Allen Robinson. Do you know the % of wr’s who succeed in the scenario Robinson is in? KG is not an outlier, he is the norm. Only 22% of Wrs live up to their contract after the age of 28…

I get wanting to get guys and I expect them to do so next offseason and future offseason. I also expect them to be a 8 win team next year. Who are the players they should have gotten that would have told you FA was a success? Sincerely I don’t see it? Are we suppose to pay 21 a year for Williams? Bc that is supposedly the price he was giving bad teams……

I genuinely want to know…….it was a weak class. It just is, who were we gonna sign that says success?

I’m being overly sensitive. I just saw my name mentioned a few times, and it seemed like I was being painted with a Jaguars brush. Not the case. Either way, we’re good.

I’ve been saying that there’s a middle ground between doing marginal and going full Jacksonville. In fact, I’d lean much closer to marginal.

As deadstroke wrote, we’ve signed back a decent chunk of a 3-13-1 roster. We also added an injury prone receiver who last stood out in 2019. A guy the Jags were plenty willing to let walk.

Birkett suggests we’re done with the ‘heavy lifting,’ and all that implies.

But I’ve not caught a whiff of the Lions doing anything else in FA. So I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say, “That’s not enough for a team with so many holes.”

Now, could be there’s negotiations happening, and players will begin to trickle in, addressing a couple of glaring weaknesses, and we fortify further during the draft.

But if this is it, then it’s not only disappointing, but I find the acceptance of it even more disturbing.


But if this is it, then it’s now only disappointing, but I find the acceptance of it even more disturbing.

From my perspective I get that and understand it completely, for me, I want to see what the roster looks likes at the start of camp then judge. It’s just too early, for me, to call it a success or a failure.

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I have been sitting back in curious observer mode. I was confused by a few things too, and Deadstroke showed me how we still have a TON more Salary Cap Healing to do. I err on the side of trusting our bald dude already, but after Deadstroke showed me how we are still not in the greatest cap scenario, I am firmly behind what Holmes has done so far.

Quinn left us in a bigger mess than I realized, for sure.